Family Guy Video Slots Dominating at Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City Properties

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We’re digging the Family Guy video slots by IGT at Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, Showboat Atlantic City and Bally’s Atlantic City. Are you?

Family Guy

Anytime you see a Family Guy character pop up on any of the 5 reels, you can score exciting “extras” in the forms of Peter’s Random Credit Award, Meg’s Multipliers, Chris’ Wild Symbols, Stewie’s Random Wilds, Lois’ Scatter Plays and Brian’s Bonus Boost. And if you hit three World Domination symbols, well, it’s about to go down. Three of these trigger one of six, super, sweet bonus rounds:

1. Chris’ Closet Bonus – Choose a door to win multipliers

2. The Drunken Clam Bonus – Try your luck at pouring the guys a round of Pawtucket Patriot Ale for some cool winnings

3. Brian’s Big Dig Bonus – Pick a dirt pile to win free spins and more

4. The Chicken Fight Bonus – Help Peter beat his archrival for some big money

5. Lois’ Hot Free Spins Bonus – Pretty self-explanatory, no?

AND…drum roll, please…

5. Stewie’s World Domination Progressives – Lois is the target, here. Big surprise. Ready, aim, and fire! Hit Lois and win progressives! This is the one that REALLY gets you the big money.

Plus, have fun and be entertained with clips from your favorite FOX series. Take a look at it in action:


We love it! And we love even more that we recently got to sit down and talk with Lead Game Designer Jeff Urmston and Game Artist Steve Richardson from the design team! Get the inside scoop on the creation of the Family Guy video slots, below!

TAC: How did the idea about making a Family Guy video slot game first come to the table?

Jeff Urmston: We’ve always been looking at expanding our reach in terms of the kind of licenses we’re looking for. We’re looking at everything across the board in terms of all the different licenses we pull in. Just looking at the show, it’s incredibly popular and tons of people who work here like it and it turns out that it was available to go after, so we jumped on the opportunity to get it.

TAC: If you had to put the creation of this game into steps, what would they be?

Jeff Urmston: One of the interesting things about this game is since there was so much passion on the project, just about everyone in our studio wanted to have a piece of this and get a chance to work on it. The amount of ideas the ideas we had for the game just swelled really fast. It took a long time of visually brainstorming with tons of people in the studio and designing the core team of people who were going to take that design. We had almost too much to work with. There were so many good ideas for the project that we actually broke it down into designing individual bonus games while making sure that we preserved the look and the feel of the game. Something Steve was really responsible for was despite us being a gambling game, it was still true to the Family Guy license. A lot of the process was coming up with our own crazy ideas but also staying true to Family Guy along the way.

TAC: What kind of Family Guy research did you do to bring this game to fruition?

Jeff Urmston: Thankfully almost all of us already had our research because we were all fans of the show and watched it several times, but basically watching a lot of the show. We actually had several meetings with the guys at FOX and were able to get a sense of what makes Family Guy, Family Guy. The owners of the property look at it in a very specific way and our job was to really get to know every aspect of every character, every joke, the favorite things that players are really going to want to see, and basically make sure that all gets put into the game.

TAC: Is there any kind of fun fact you learned about the show in the process of making this video slot?

Jeff Urmston: That it’s still funny after a lot of watching! One of the things is really being able to get into the animation. We actually did custom animation here and with FOX for this game. The whole process is very intense. It’s not just a bunch of pictures on the screen. It’s everything from the line weights of every single character to how they need to appear , making sure that this character could only appear with certain other ones or in other contexts, making sure you know every single one of those details and just how knowledgeable the Family Guy people are with that as well.

TAC: The animations were designed specifically for this game. What was that process like?

Jeff Urmston: It’s very detailed. When you start doing custom animation especially for someone who has a very well-known property, you have to make sure you get it right. Thankfully we have a team of really awesome animators that were able to really pick up the brand and prove that we’re not some backwoods company; that we actually produce really stellar work and show that FOX was able to let us use it in their game.

Steve Richardson: The way that we do the animation for this game is no different than how they actually do it for the show. We work with style sheets, so every character has a sheet with expressions and hand poses and size charts of how big each characters are to each other and then we do a pencil test. It’s basically a very rough idea of the animation. Not every single frame, but key poses. We do all that work and then we send it off to the animation directors at FOX just like the animation department at FOX would do. They would look at it and critique it or approve it and then we would go to the inking and coloring phase. Then at that point is clean up. You go through and finish every single one of the frames. So for each animation you’re looking at, you’re looking at 30 frames of drawings for every one second of animation. We’ll ink and color those and then we just put sound to them after the fact.

TAC: What else did you do to bring the characters to life in this game?

Jeff Urmston: The big one was really featuring all the major characters as big pieces of the game. The hardest thing about Family Guy is that there’s so much to work with. We have plenty of stuff for future games, but even with this first crack at it we wanted to really show off the main characters. We have the six main family members and the goal was to create base game features and bonuses to revolve around each one of those and celebrate their characteristics and really preserve some of the jokes throughout the whole game. Meg is sort of the butt of every joke and sort of the pooper in the bonuses or certain features will happen but she’ll be left out of them intentionally all to kind of play on that joke that runs throughout the show. We wanted to make sure that the personality of the character was sort of imbued in the bonuses or the features that we use for them so players can totally connect with that.

TAC: What’s something that went into the creation of this game that would surprise most people?

Jeff Urmston: We had access to all of the clips from the game, so we had more voice than we actually needed. We were able to cut and paste and use that to tell the story of the game even though it all came directly from the show and not from any custom animation, but additionally we were trying to include all the characters the players love and things like that.

TAC: Why do you think this game will be a hit with our players here at Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City?

Jeff Urmston: I think just like the show, it goes on in the sense that ‘funny makes money’. You can watch it thousands and thousands of times and it’s still funny every time you play it. We kind of integrated that with the game play in a way that you can basically come back to this game over and over again and there’s so much content that you’ll never get bored. In terms of content, I think this game is an IGT milestone for content put into a game.

TAC: How does working on this game differ from other games some of you have worked on in the past?

Jeff Urmston: For me it’s a license that’s close to my heart. It’s a show I really love and am a big fan of, so really getting to do something that’s connected to my passion is awesome and is really evident from the rest of the team and how many really wanted to be a part of this project.

Steve Richardson: For me on the art side, what’s different on this project that was interesting is typically with a licensed product, we kind of work with what we have either from the film or the show. This one, we were actually able to create completely brand new content with the license for the game. So there’s animations in here of the characters that have never been seen before that we worked with FOX to create, so that was an awesome treat for me.

TAC: If you had to pinpoint one reason that makes you the most proud to have worked on this video slot what would it be and why?

Jeff Urmston: For me, one of the big series I’ve been working on is The Hangover. It was an awesome movie and I think what differentiates Family Guy is it’s a little closer to my heart. It’s a show that’s been going on for a very long time. I kind of get to work on a lot of the comedy projects here so it’s fun to stay in the environment of working on funny stuff.

Steve Richardson: It’s the opposite for me! I just came off of working on The Dark Knight and CSI. I had a lot of more serious roles and this was really refreshing to have a wealth of comedy go through there as opposed to explosions or dead bodies or things like that that I’ve had to deal with over the last couple of years. It’s easier to make a more entertaining experience with more lighthearted content and funnier brands. There’s something to say about ‘funny is money’. Having comedy definitely does take you to the next level.


Funny is money for you too, ya’ll! Try them out if you haven’t already at Caesars, Harrah’s Resort, Showboat and/or Bally’s! Perhaps you and Stewie can dominate together!

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