Interview With Pete Byrne, Lead Singer of Naked Eyes

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April is Totally 80’s Month at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, and a few notable names that you remember will be performing at The Concert Venue. Kicking off the month on Thursday, April 6th is Naked Eyes who are well known for their 1983 smash hit “Always Something There To Remind Me,” a cover of a Burt Bacharach standard, as well as their song “Promises, Promises”.

We were able to speak with Naked Eyes’ lead singer, Pete Byrne, to discuss what it was like breaking into the music scene in the 80’s, and how Naked Eyes was able to make “Always Something” into a hit.

Atlantic City Blog: Starting from the very beginning, when did you start playing music?

Pete Byrne: I’ve sort of loved music all my life, even when I was a little kid I used to sing, so it’s always been a part of my life. Then when I met Rob Fisher, we were both in bands in Bath in England, and it was just a coincidence that our bands broke up around the same time, and then we ran into each other and started to write some songs. That was our whole ambition was to become songwriters and get a publishing deal. So music has always been a part of my life.


ACB: That actually brings me to my next question, when did you and Rob start working together and how did you find each other?

PB: It was some time in ’79, which is a long time ago now. We had actually done some recording sessions together for various people, so we knew each other quite well, but we’d never played or thought about it, then one day we just ran into each other and decided that it might be a good idea to get together and write some songs. So for the next two or three months, everyday I would go over to Rob’s flat and we would write all day. We must have written about 50 songs in that time.


ACB: It’s also amazing how many publishing offers you two were able to get in such a short period of time!

PB: It was! We were just so committed to moving ahead. I know we went to EMI publishing, and we just walked in, we didn’t have a meeting or anything, and we said, “We’re here to see somebody,” and the secretary said, “Well, you’re not in the book.” So we went, “I’m sure we had a meeting here today,” or something like that, and so she told us to sit down, and we actually got in to see David Ambrose. We had no meeting there, but we just acted as if we did! And EMI publishing offered us a deal the next day.


ACB: That’s incredible, and I’m glad that your hard work paid off! Now something that I feel like not many people know, from around the same time is that you and Rob started out in a band with a couple of the guys from Tears For Fears, what was that like?

PB: We signed with a publishing arm of A&M Records and they suggested that we put a band together, and we needed a bass player so I got Curt [Smith]. We played some shows and did some recording, and then Roland [Orzabal] joined us on guitar. This went on for about 9 months, and it all happened so quickly, then Roland and Curt had their own ideas, because it was really Rob’s and my band,  so we broke up.


ACB: It sounds like a lot of your sound came from Rob’s layers of synthesizers, so I thought it was a pretty interesting choice to cover Burt Bacharach’s “Always Something There To Remind Me” because it’s just so stylistically different than what you guys were doing, so what made you decide to pick that song?

PB: “Always Something” was just a great song that I wanted to do because I loved the original. So we just took it and recorded it like we did with any of our songs, we orchestrated it and delivered it with that sound. It wasn’t that we were trying to do something different, it was exactly the same process, except we took somebody else’s song and recorded it. Fortunately, we picked “Always Something There To Remind Me”!


ACB: There’s definitely some irony to the fact that “Promises, Promises” shares a title with another Burt Bacharach song. Was that totally coincidental or was there some influence there?

PB: Not at all, I can’t believe that! I was made aware of it some time, but not back then, maybe ten years ago or less. I’d never heard the Bacharach/David song “Promises, Promises” not only because it was never played in England, but it was a musical, and I hated musicals. So it was a complete coincidence and quite funny actually.


ACB: My last question, is there anything new that we can expect from Naked Eyes coming up?

PB: Yes, the new album is pretty much recorded, we have about 18 songs, a couple of which were songs that I had written with Rob and re-recorded, and the project is looking pretty good, and I’m hoping to get it out this year.


There is always something there to remind us that the 80’s were such an awesome time for music, and Naked Eyes is absolutely one of those things! Click here or use the Ticketmaster app to get your tickets now to see them perform at Harrah’s Resort for the start of Totally 80’s Month, and be sure to check out the other awesome artists who will be at The Concert Venue!

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