Interview with Rock of Ages Bass Player, Hal Selzer

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Are you ready to rock? We are because Broadway’s Rock of Ages Band is coming to Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City on April 27th! The band from the legendary Broadway musical, which also features members from many popular groups, is bringing along some of your favorite tunes from the hair band era for a wild, rockin’ evening!

We spoke with Hal Selzer, the bass player for Broadway’s Rock of Ages Band, to get a feel for the 80’s rock that you will get to hear from these tremendous musicians, and how this great concert evolved from the Broadway show.

Atlantic City Blog: How long have you been with the Rock of Ages band?

Hal Selzer: The Broadway show started in 2009, and I started pretty near the beginning. The main bass player back then was Winston Roye who plays in Soul Asylum. He asked me to sub for him, and I ended up doing a lot of the shows, and it was such a great experience, I never thought I would end up playing on Broadway.


ACB: How is the Broadway’s Rock of Ages Band tour different than the Broadway show itself?

HS: In the Broadway show, while the band was a big part of it, there was a storyline and a lot of talking and dancing. Broadway’s Rock of Ages Band is a concert, so there is total emphasis on the music because there is no story.


ACB: The costumes that you guys wear on stage, are they really costumes, or is that your actual wardrobe outside of the show?

HS: The guys in the band, being all musicians, actually kind of dress that way! Black, tight jeans, long hair, t-shirts, that’s the way most of the guys dress anyway, but we try not to be cheesy.


ACB: How did the Broadway’s Rock of Ages band start touring?

HS: After the show’s run, an agent friend of mine was looking for a band to play in a festival, and he was looking for something different, and I said, “Why don’t I get the band from the Broadway show Rock of Ages?” and he thought it was a good idea. So I called up a few of the guys and we went up, and it got such a great response that they yelled for an encore! After that, I called up one of the producers and they said “Yeah, go for it!”


ACB: One of the things that you brought up that not many people may know is that many of the artists from Broadway’s Rock of Ages Band were actually in some pretty notable groups, like how you’re the bassist for Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.

HS: Yeah, it kind of makes it like an all-star band! When they put Rock of Ages together on Broadway, since the show has 80’s music, they went out and got these great musicians.


ACB: What is your favorite part about being in Broadway’s Rock of Ages band?

HS: The best part for me is getting to play with such great musicians. It’s kind of an honor to be on stage with these guys. They’re from bands I grew up listening to, like how there’s a Whitesnake song in the show, so Joel [Hoekstra] is playing the song that he plays with his regular band. For me, there’s a Joan Jett song in the show, so it’s kind of fun to play the songs in a different context.


ACB: I know this might be a tough one, but what is your favorite song from the show to perform and why?

HS: You’re right, that is a tough one! I love a lot of them, but I’d better say “I Hate Myself For Loving You”! Other than that, and you might be sick of it because you hear it all the time these days, but “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” is a fun one to play because the audience jumps up and sings!


ACB: What can people expect when they’re coming to see Broadway’s Rock of Ages Band?

HS: They’re going to see the best songs of the 80’s hair band era played by great musicians, done in a really fun and exciting way! For people who saw Rock of Ages, it will probably bring back memories of the great time they had seeing the show, and for people that haven’t seen it, they still get to hear great music!


Broadway’s Rock of Ages Band is making sure that Harrah’s Resort closes out Totally 80’s month with a bang! If you’re ready to hear some classic songs from bands like Bon Jovi, Foreigner, and Styx performed by the actual band from the Tony Award nominated musical, then click here to get your tickets now, or use the Ticketmaster app.

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