Meet Rita! A Massage Therapist and Esthetician at Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars

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Sometimes, you just need a spa day. Whether it’s a dip in the Roman Baths, a Lava Melt massage, a refreshing facial, or a little bit of everything, a trip to the spa can work wonders. The Qua Baths and Spa at Caesars Atlantic City has everything you need for a perfect, relaxing getaway from the everyday, and the members of the team there work hard to make sure that you can get everything you want out of your spa experience.

We spoke to Rita, one of the incredibly talented massage therapists and estheticians working at Qua about the team chemistry at Qua, all of the different things that go into a Red Carpet Facial, and what exactly an “esthetician” is.

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AC Blog: How long have you been working as a massage therapist?

Rita: So I’m actually both, I’ve been an esthetician for five years and a massage therapist for two. I got started here right out of school for massage therapy, so I actually got lucky.

ACB: Wow, so you’re one of the lucky few who were actually able to get your start here! And “esthetician” is a word that I just heard for the first time here today, so what exactly is an esthetician?

Rita: It’s actually a bunch of different things, we do a lot of waxing, I can wax pretty much everything. We also do facials, we use the high frequency brush, galvanic, microdermabrasion… you probably don’t know any of this. *[laughs]*

ACB: You’re pretty much speaking a different language! But so with all of that, what would you say is your favorite part about being a massage therapist?

Rita: Just the different people that I get to see and meet. There’s a lot of nice people that you get to see come in here, and you feel good when you’re actually helping them, you know?

ACB: That actually brings me to my next question: what made you actually want to get into massage therapy in the first place?

Rita: I thought it would be good for me to have a dual license, and not just be able to do just esthetician work, but it’s also nice because I get to help people and to help people feel better, which is one of the main reasons why I wanted to do it.

ACB: What is your favorite treatment to do?

Rita: The Red Carpet Facial because it’s the best one that you can possibly do. It’s a really high quality line by Natura Bissé. It has a really nice peel, it’s a three-part peel, and then it also comes with a hand paraffin wax, which is you dip in this warm wax and it helps really moisturize your hands, and it’s a lavender wax. And it comes with a warm oil scalp massage as well. Then the mask that you put on is an alginate mask, which actually, when you put it on it goes all over the whole face and you just leave the nose open, and it rubberizes after about 15 minutes, and then you peel it off, and what it does is that it pushes all the ingredients that you put on before into your skin so that you get a better outlook on what you’d just done for your whole face.

ACB: So it really helps cleanse the pores?

Rita: It does all that, and it really helps moisturize it and put a lot more collagen help with the elasticity as well.

ACB: You weren’t kidding about the Red Carpet Facial, I may have to come get one!

After that interview, you pretty much want to jump up and make your reservation for a Red Carpet Facial right away. Rita is so upbeat and bright, and her attitude is just one of the amazing things that makes Qua at Caesars so special. Be sure to check out Qua Baths and Spa for any upcoming deals and specials, and to book your next stay at Caesars, click here!

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