Recipe For A Perfect Night Out In Atlantic City

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We have an awesome recipe that you absolutely have to try. The best part is that you won’t even need to put on oven mitts, wash any dishes, or do any work at all! That’s because this isn’t going to be a list of cooking instructions. Instead, it’s the recipe for a perfect night out with Caesars, Harrah’s, and Bally’s in Atlantic City!


Step #1: Start with a solid base

A satisfying dinner is always the best way to start any night on the town, and you’ll definitely find that at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill. From the pan-roasted sea bass to the legendary beef wellington, Ramsay has what you need to kick your night off right! (Plus, there’s definitely going to be some drinking involved, and you should never do that on an empty stomach!)


Step #2: Country Fry everything

Next, add a little spice to your night by heading to the Wild Wild West at Bally’s! Take a ride on (and then fall off of) the mechanical bull, grab some $3 beers, and show off your moves at the best hoedown on this side of the Mississippi!


Step #3: Let It Cool For a Few Minutes

After the you and your crew #SaloonAndChill in the Wild Wild West, hop on the Total Rewards Shuttle and take a cruise over to Harrah’s Resort where you’ll find the next few ingredients in this perfect recipe! The shuttle runs until 11pm every night, and it’s completely free to all Total Rewards members!


Step #4: Add a Splash of Water


Okay, maybe more than just a splash, because The Pool After Dark is the largest indoor pool party you’ll ever go to! During this step, you’ll be able to sprinkle in beats from the world-class entertainment and DJs. Plus, the instructions also call for a few shots of your favorite drink, or for added fun, you could include the whole bottle (by ordering bottle service, of course!)


Step #5: Place Atop a Nice Bed

For the final instruction on the recipe, you’re going to want to chill. The best way to do that is to move the whole night up to a comfortable room with a bay view that will take your breath away. You can actually get started on that step now by clicking here to book your stay!

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