Soft Rock Month at Harrah’s: An Interview With Peter Beckett of Player

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“Baby Come Back” is one of those soft rock jams that we’ve all sang at one point or another, whether it’s on the lawn outside of an ex’s house, or to your waitress who walked away before you could ask her for a refill. It’s just super appropriate in so many situations!

Another place where it totally works is at Harrah’s Resort this month. Why? Because September is Soft Rock Month at The Concert Venue! Every Friday, all month long, jam out with one of your favorite soft rock bands.

On September 14th, Player, the masterminds behind that 1978 megahit “Baby Come Back,” will be stopping by, and they’ll be bringing the hits with them!

We spoke with Peter Beckett, lead singer of Player and co-writer of their #1 smash about what it was like to have a song top the charts, and the party that they’ll be bringing with them to the stage at Harrah’s!


AC Blog: Starting at the beginning, how did Player come together?

Peter Beckett: Well there’s a famous story. I bumped into J.C. Crowley at a party where everyone was wearing white, and we were supposed to be wearing white and we weren’t, so we were kind of drawn together and we were talking about how we were both musicians. So we got together a few days later and wrote a few songs, then our management brought in Ronn and John, then J.C. and I came up with this one song: “Baby Come Back.”


AC Blog: When the two of you wrote “Baby Come Back,” did you guys have a feeling that it was going to be as big as it was?

PB: Every time we played it, it had a thing about it, and we just had a feeling like this is the best thing we’ve done. When we started playing it to people, everyone was like “Yeah!” Then we did a showcase in Los Angeles and all these producers and people were there in the back, and I took the liberty–because I was a little more cocky in those days–with all these important people there, I walked up to the mic and I said “And now we’re going to do our first number one record,” and no one had ever heard it, you know? And it kind of came to be!


AC Blog: It’s amazing that you were able to say that and it actually came true! What was the inspiration behind the song?

PB: J.C. and I had each broken up with somebody relatively recently to when we met, so we just started gearing it towards being that kind of a song. Something that would touch people, touch their hearts, and something that everybody could relate to.


AC Blog: How did things start to change after “Baby Come Back” hit #1?

PB: We toured with Boz Scaggs on the “Silk Degrees” tour, and we toured with Gino Vannelli, and that was all great, it kind of worked with the soft rock thing, but a lot of our set was not very soft. We were a little like Foreigner, we had some rockers in there, and “Baby Come Back” was just one of the few softer things we did. So the next year we had to cut an album, so they told us that we were going to tour with Eric Clapton next year, and that the album was going to have to be a little more hard edged.


AC Blog: Who were some of your inspirations early on that inspired the Player sound?

PB: Well, all the same stuff that’s kind of coming around now with the “Yacht Rock” movement, which basically, is the music of the 70’s. The way it’s been described to me is that, the young people of today when they hear Player, Little River Band, Ambrosia, Christopher Cross, all that genre of music, they think about these guys with long hair in the 70’s drinking chardonnay on their sailboats in Malibu playing acoustic guitars, and that became “Yacht Rock.”


AC Blog: What is life like for Player these days? Is there a lot of traveling involved?

PB: Oh yeah, not as much as there used to, I’m a little long in the tooth to be driving around all over the country in a bus. Which I’ve done for the better part of my life! I have kids and a wife. But these days, we do about four or five gigs a month, and I like it that way!


AC Blog: Now Ronn Moss is back with the group, and he’s one of the original members right?

PB: Everyone in this band has a side gig, another band or another project. Ronn is an actor, he was on The Bold And The Beautiful for 25 years, and he is still with us, but he’s actually in a play in Belgium for four months. But we try to bring interesting people into the band, we’ve had Elliot Easton from The Cars, Dave Amato from REO Speedwagon, Burleigh Drummond from Ambrosia, who is playing at Harrah’s the week after us, he’s playing drums with us these days. We always try to bring something to the party in the players that we use.


AC Blog: So it’s like an all-star lineup! That’s awesome! Is there anything new coming up from Player in the future?

PB: There’s always a new album in the mix. We had a new album called “Too Many Reasons” a few years back and it’s a really good album. I’ve been working on a new album since, and I’ve got about five songs ready. Maybe by spring of next year we’ll have something. And I’m writing a book, and I’ve been writing it for over 15 years, I’m just waiting for a good ending.


AC Blog: What can fans expect to see when they come to see you guys at Harrah’s?

PB: We do a kick-ass show! We do all the good stuff from the old days, obviously the hits, and the ones that would go down well on the tours back then, and we mix it up with a handful of the new things and a few surprises! Plus, we love to invite people up to dance, so it’s kind of like a big party.


That sounds like a blast! An all-star band lineup, dancing on stage, and an evening of hit songs including the classic track that spent three weeks atop the charts in January of 1978: “Baby Come Back.”

Click here to snag your tickets now to see Player live at Harrah’s Resort on September 14th!

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