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From boutique hotels to mega-resorts, there are Las Vegas hotels for everyone. Indulge in a high-end, intimate vibe at Nobu Hotel and The Cromwell. Enjoy an array of venues under one roof at the iconic Caesars Palace, check out modern amenities at LINQ hotel or enjoy Rio’s fun off-Strip scene. Paris has an old-world, romantic vibe while Harrah’s, Planet Hollywood, Flamingo and Bally’s feature center-Strip action.

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Vince Neil Opens Big at Rio: See the Pics

Some great photos of Vince Neil as he kicks off the opening of Vince Neil Ink at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, go here. The opening took place on Sep. 12. You’ll want to gaze happily at our previous post about the Vince Neil Ink at O’Sheas on the Strip.

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The Answer is Yes

Yes, yes, yes. There’s a room at Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace called the Arctic Ice Room. And yes, it has actual falling snow. You got it out of us. Happy?

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Bow Wow Shows Off PURE Talent

Word has it that the Bow Wow performance at PURE Nightclub on Saturday was: 1) the bomb, 2) off the hook, 3) the proverbial “shizzle.” We think that’s a good thing. Check out some pics from the big night at Caesars Palace.

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Trick or Tweet at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace just announced its first ever “Trick or Tweet” package for Halloween. Check it out. Friends and followers get not only a great deal on accommodations, but also tons of additional goodies, including free food and drinks. The VIP admission to PURE, sure to be one of the hottest spots on the Strip for Halloween,….

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Random Vegas Encounter

Today’s random Vegas encounter? Flavor Flav! We bumped into Public Enemy alum and reality TV icon Flavor Flav at a local mailing and shipping store, of all places. Flavor (now that we’re on a first-name basis) informed us that he’s lived in Vegas for five years now. He also said he’d be dropping by Harrah’s….

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“Lively” Doesn’t Quite Do It Justice

If you’ve never been to Carnaval Court at Harrah’s Las Vegas, there’s a chance you haven’t really had the full Las Vegas experience. We’ve got a saucy new video on our site that shows some highlights from this electric spot at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. And, yes, the flair bartenders at Carnaval Court occasionally….

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Keep in Touch With the Rio Magic

Follow Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino on Twitter. You can’t pack all the excitement of Rio into 140 characters, but it’s a great way to stay connected during, and in between, visits. Stay tuned for Rio news, offers and colorful stories about people wearing strangers’ underwear on their heads. Probably more of those first two things. But you just….

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The Best Gourmet Value in Las Vegas

We’re still reeling from our recent visit to one of the premier eateries in Las Vegas, Payard Pâtisserie & Bistro at Caesars Palace. We’d heard a rumor that Payard’s was serving a lunch special for $19, so we had to see (and taste) it for ourselves. Thankfully, the rumors are true! For a limited time, one….

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Pool Expansion at Caesars Evokes Swoons

It’s official. The new pool expansion at Caesars Palace is open! It’s a beautiful addition to what was already one of the best pools in Las Vegas. It’s been rumored that the tiger from “The Hangover” actually swam in this pool! What, we can’t kid? Actually, there’s a pretty sweet Hangover Package available for a….

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We’re Pumped Up About This

The Olympia Fitness Expo 2009 comes to Vegas Sep. 25-26. We’re pretty sure those in attendance will want the best in spas, exercise rooms and health-conscious restaurant options. Yeah, we’re all over that. Fitness fans will definitely dig Bodies: The Exhibition. The exhibit features actual human specimens, preserved and displayed in freakishly fascinating ways. Hey, just because….

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Vince Neil Inks Deal With the Rio

Vince Neil Ink is coming to the Rio, and to celebrate, the man himself will be playing live on Sep. 12. Learn more. Read our wildy entertaining post about Vince Neil Ink at O’Sheas.

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Wrap Your Noodle Around This

The accolades just keep on coming for Beijing Noodle No. 9 at Caesars Palace. The folks at Bon Apetit Magazine have ranked this lively restaurant among the top noodleries (not a real word) in the universe. For the complete list of “Top Ten New Asian Noodle Bars,” go here. Yesterday marked our first visit to No. 9,….

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Celeb Sighting at Penn & Teller's Show

One Tree Hill star Chad Michaels was spotted visiting Penn and Teller at the Rio. Apparently, he’s a big fan, as are we all. More here.

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What’s the Issue?

What’s the issue with posting this photo? Jubilee! is one of our shows. We have to promote it. It’s our job.

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Paris Las Vegas

This Isn't as Good as the Real Thing

Admittedly, this video isn’t as good as the real Eiffel Tower Experience, but maybe it’ll tide you over until you arrive. We love that people dig our destinations so much that they’d make videos about their visit. [youtube=] That tune’s a little catchy too, isn’t it? Stay at Paris Las Vegas, and those Eiffel Tower views are….

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