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From boutique hotels to mega-resorts, there are Las Vegas hotels for everyone. Indulge in a high-end, intimate vibe at Nobu Hotel and The Cromwell. Enjoy an array of venues under one roof at the iconic Caesars Palace, check out modern amenities at LINQ hotel or enjoy Rio’s fun off-Strip scene. Paris has an old-world, romantic vibe while Harrah’s, Planet Hollywood, Flamingo and Bally’s feature center-Strip action.

Rio Las Vegas

Rio Esta Rico

Spanish is such a sensual language, even if you don’t speak it, it makes the Rio even sexier, doesn’t it? You tell us!

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Las Vegas Hotels

No, This is Not a Made-Up Event

We promise, this is not a made-up event! There actually is going to be a Founders Cup World Kickball Championship tournament in Las Vegas on October 10. What, you think we only pay attention to things related to Las Vegas hotels and shows and spas and restaurants? Oh, please.

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Paris Las Vegas

Come On, We Can Take It!

One of the great features of our Pulse of Vegas hotel-casino Web pages is the Trip Advisor reviews. Within Trip Advisor, you can “Have your say about your stay!” (We just made that slogan up, but we’re going to add a TM after it, just in case.) We take customer feedback seriously, and love reading….

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Today's "What IS That?" Puzzler

No, really. What is that? Oh, all right. Go here for the answer. (Watch the video.)

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Las Vegas Hotels

Did You Know?

Did you know Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport provides free wireless Internet access (wi-fi) throughout the airport? Because we needed more things to love about Vegas. Ahem.

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Everybody Comes to Vegas

Top Chef Las Vegas? We’re in heaven. Premieres tonight, so set the Tivo!

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Las Vegas Hotels

Think You Know Sin City?

Las Vegas has more than 500 churches and synagogues, serving more than 40 faiths. Now you know!

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Leading the Charge in Vegas

We’re proud to be at the forefront of the green movement here in Vegas. (Get your own blog and you can toot your own horn, too!) Our commitment to sustainability is why Harrah’s Entertainment (the Pulse of Vegas resorts are all owned by Harrah’s) has joined a public/private partnership that will encourage green initiatives in Southern Nevada. The effort is….

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Your Favorite Vegas Movie?

We love movies set in Las Vegas. Big surprise! Cast a vote for your favorite. [poll id=”6″] Did we overlook your favorite? Did you like the 1960 version of “Ocean’s 11” more than the recent one? Post your two cents in the Comments section!

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Seeing Red at the Roulette Table

The longest streak of one color in roulette in American casino history happened in 1943 when the color red won 32 consecutive times in a row. The odds against this happening are 22,254,817,519-to-1.

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Hidden Gems in Las Vegas

The fine folks at one of the most popular about-Vegas Web sites recently posted a list of reader-contributed “hidden gems” in Sin City. A few of the Pulse of Vegas-centric highlights: “I have a solid bargain: Get a seat at the upper balcony at Flamingo’s Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville restaurant, order the ‘Volcano Nachos’ (for under….

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Oh, Just Admit It

Admit it! No matter how many times you’ve heard this song, you love it! [youtube=] Nice Penn and Teller cameo! Get tickets to see them live, why don’t you?

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Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Hotels

Stop Your Snickering

Usually, we’d avoid using “The Hangover” and “package” in the same sentence, but in this case it happens to apply. We love when people talk about us.

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Caesars Entertainment, Gaming, Rio Las Vegas

WSOP and ESPN Agree to Go Steady Through 2018

ESPN and Harrah’s have inked a deal to keep the World Series of Poker airing on ESPN through April, 2018. Read more, if you can tear yourself away from ogling your WSOP bracelets! The WSOP, the world’s richest sporting event, attracts an audience of about 82 million viewers to ESPN each year. ESPN has broadcast….

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Star Trek Episode Four Uncloaked

Players smitten with our new Star Trek slot machines have something new to celebrate. Total Rewards members can now unlock Star Trek Episode Four on these popular machines. Star Trek machines are the first personalized slot machines that interact directly with a player loyalty program. Use your Total Rewards card to save your progress as….

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