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White Tiger Cub Wins $10,000 for Las Vegas Charity

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O’Sheas magician Dirk Arthur and his new white tiger cub, Crystal, visited a local TV station (Fox 5) last week for the tiger’s television debut. What ensued was far more exciting than either had anticipated!

Crystal white tiger

"Note to self: Dude with camera, future lunch."

Dirk Arthur and Crystal did a live video segment with one of the hosts of the “More” show, Sean McAllister. We think. We were too charmed by the eight-week-old tiger to actually take notes.

Crystal handled her first TV appearance with aplomb, then moved on to a segment where Vegas celebrities play a slot machine for charity. What happened next was a shocker!


Crystal won $10,000 for the Nevada Cancer Institute, courtesy of Bally Technologies. It was the most any celebrity had won for the organization since the Vegas Hits for Charity program began on Fox 5 back in March.

Dirk Arthur white tiger

These machines are for promotional purposes only. Las Vegas is very strict about underage gaming.

To many, Crystal’s good fortune comes as no surprise. In Asia and India, tigers are considered lucky.

After the taping, we caught some video of Crystal at play.


Dirk Arthur’s show is one of the few remaining where you can see big cats, up close and personal on the Strip. We’re not kidding about the “up close” thing. Because of the size of the O’Sheas theater, seats are as close as 10 feet away from the cats, and no seat is farther than 40 feet away.

Dirk Arthur white tiger

Crystal requests her bottle, in no uncertain terms.

Let’s just say the other cats in Arthur’s show are a tad larger than Crystal. See more pics and video.

Crystal is the newest addition to Dirk Arthur’s family of exotic cats. Her mother was part of a mating exchange program, loaned from an animal sanctuary in Texas (to keep the gene pool as diverse as possible).

white tiger cub

"Modesty precludes me from saying how cute I am."

Arthur says Crystal will be making her debut in his popular stage show in about a week.

Congrats to Dirk Arthur on being a proud papa (again), and for his ongoing success at O’Sheas. Thanks, also, to Fox 5 for letting us sneak through security to capture all the fun.

Enjoy a few more candid shots of Crystal in our exclusive photo gallery. Which we risked life and limb to take. Probably.

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