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21 Las Vegas Things to Be Thankful For

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In what has somehow become an annual ritual, this blog will now rattle off 21 things to be thankful for in Las Vegas. Post your own things in the Comments section.

1. Mini Plates

We love buffets, like the new Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace, where the food is served in little plates. It’s like the food was made just for us. And don’t worry, while small, you can have as many as you’d like.

Mini plate

What say we cut turkeys a break this Thanksgiving and have chicken parm?

2. Engineers

Among the many things engineers are bringing to The Strip soon is the High Roller observation wheel. It’s massive, and the more you know about it, the more miraculous the efforts of the engineers appear. Yay, smart people. Learn more about the High Roller at The Linq.

High Roller

This ain’t your grandpa’s Ferris wheel.

3. Hooch

No list of Las Vegas things to be thankful could exclude liquor, so this one won’t. Big, small, fancy or otherwise, cocktails are part of what makes Sin City so sinful.


We almost remember taking this photo.

4. To Hell With Rules

Seriously. We’re thankful Vegas doesn’t live by society’s rules. If we want #4 on our list to be more cocktails, cocktails it is. Disappointed #4 is like #3? We don’t care! Get your own Las Vegas blog!


Rules, schmules.

5. James and Jaymes

This team of similarly-named Chippendales dancers is currently doing Las Vegas proud on “The Amazing Race.” Yay, you guys. See them in the flesh at Rio Las Vegas.

James and Jaymes

Shirts, schmirts.

6. Shock Value

When you’re in Las Vegas, you’re bound to hear or see something shocking. Great example: Penny Pibbets and her hand puppets in Absinthe at Caesars Palace. Even Ivory doesn’t make enough soap for Penny’s mouth. And we mean that in a good way.


Granted, we should have said “sock value.”

7. The Payline

We love it when objects align on the slot machine payline. Cha-to-the-ching.

slot machine

Yes, this is #7 on our list. We are a trained professional.

8. Community

It did our hearts good to see juggler Jeff Civillico crowd-fund (to the tune of $10,900) an inflatable arch for his show at The Quad (formerly the Imperial Palace.) It’s amazing what people can accomplish when they join forces.


Behold “The People’s Arch.” And a ladder on a guy’s face.

9. George Wallace

He’s just flat-out hysterical at Flamingo Las Vegas, as well as being a Las Vegas institution (with an epic Twitter feed).

George Wallace

We think he’s on our Thanksgiving list every year.

10. Buskers

Come on, admit it, street “performers” (also called “buskers”) help make Las Vegas the people-watching capital of the universe.


We think creative costumes like this mirror man reflect well on our city.

11. Eye Candy

Not that kind of eye candy, although we’re certainly thankful for that kind, too. We mean this kind.


“Wow” should be a French word. Unless it already is.

12. Freebies

From check-ins on Foursquare to loyalty club programs (like Total Rewards) to comps from your favorite casino host or pit boss, Vegas is overflowing with freebies. Free. Is. Good.

Bally's Foursquare

The Foursquare badge for Bally’s Las Vegas features a woman with a reverse tan line. Probably.

13. The Superstitions

We love superstitions! Don’t let the craps dice hit your hands. Avoid staying on the 13th floor of a hotel. Never gamble without your good luck charm. And when you’re at Caesars Palace, rubs Caesars’ hand (see below) for good luck. A visit to Cleopatra’s Barge may be in order, too. (Although it’s not her hand you’ll want to rub for good luck. Ahem.) Oh, and never, ever list “The Superstitions” as #13 on your list of things to be thankful for in Las Vegas. Note: We know what you’re thinking. Refer to #4.


Caesar has doled out a lot of luck in his day.

14. Publicity Stunts

When it comes to stunts, Vegas continues to deliver on a grand scale. The latest example? Singer Shania Twain was welcomed to Caesars Palace in the company of a herd of 30 horses on The Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas rarely suffers from a lack of imagination.

Shania Twain

This was even more exciting than you may have herd.

15. The Neon

With the recent opening of the Neon Museum, Sin City’s neon is finally getting its time in the spotlight.


This also could’ve been filed under “Eye Candy.”

16. These Chairs

We think these bar stools at Carlos’n Charlie’s at Flamingo are great. Feel free to either agree or agree.


We shall have these in our dream home.

17. Zombies

Zombies have invaded Las Vegas, and not just during Halloween. They’re at the new Goretorium attraction, and you can fend them off at the Zombie Apocalypse Store. There are even zombie runs.

zombie store

You thought we were kidding?

18. Desserts

Sure, other cities have desserts. But that’s like saying other cities have magicians. Las Vegas tends to take things to a whole new level. The sweetness below, which sometimes does double duty as an engagement ring delivery device, is courtesy of the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Las Vegas.


Fact: 94% of Vegas desserts are calorie-free. Hey, we are a blog, not a nutritionist.

19. Yeah, It’s Another Dessert

This blog is not just about doubling up on the cocktails, you know.


Oh, now we’re just padding.

20. Our Seedy Past

Las Vegas doesn’t just acknowledge its sometimes seedy history, it embraces it! If you want to see what we mean, check out the Mob Museum, downtown. It’s a fascinating look at organized crime and the legal eagles that brought them down.

Mob Museum

Embracing is not the same as glorifying. You’ll see what we mean. There will be whacking.

21. The Vegas Attitude

We’re thankful Las Vegas remains a place where irreverence and outrageousness thrive. Don’t love that we have a Heart Attack Grill? Bite it! Think toplessness is offensive? Tough! The people, the places, the sounds, the games of chance, the sleaze, the utter beauty, and even the enduring schmaltz, it’s all here, and it’s all part of what makes Las Vegas the most exciting destination in the world. Not that we’re biased or anything.


Actual results may vary.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and special thanks to you for visiting this humble blog. Actual results may vary there, too.

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