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3 Dice Football Debuts at O’Sheas Las Vegas

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Las Vegas isn’t just the best place to play your favorite casino games, it’s also the place where new games are born!

Just a few days ago, a new table game, 3 Dice Football, hit the casino floor at O’Sheas on the Strip. O’Sheas is the only casino in the world that has this fun new game.

3 Dice Football

There's something great about a new felt layout. Thanks, 3 Dice Football.

The new 3 Dice Football at O’Sheas is a mix of three very popular things in Las Vegas: 1) Craps. 2) Sports. 3) Liquor. Granted, that last item is less related to 3 Dice Football than the game’s being at O’Sheas, but let’s not get bogged down by details.

3 Dice Football

Football fans will feel right at home.

Because this blog has so much Vegas mojo, we actually bumped into the game’s inventor, Jamie Abrahamson, at O’Sheas, so we cajoled him (translation: asked politely) into giving us his thoughts on the new game.

“I’ve always felt there should be a football-themed game in the casino,” says Abrahamson. “I think football partners itself perfectly with dice. 3 Dice Football a simple game to learn, so it’s accessible. Players can identify with the football theme, and in Vegas, football is a huge draw. People like to throw dice but are sometimes intimidated by craps.”


Security nearly tackled us trying to get this photo. See what we did there?

You don’t have to know football to enjoy 3 Dice Football, but it doesn’t hurt.

The basic bet is either for or against a touchdown, much like Pass and Don’t Pass in craps.

Three dice are used in the game, which is a fun twist for craps players, since tossing three dice in craps is often frowned upon by security. Two of the dice are green (representing positive yardage) and one red (negative yardage). Dice rolls advance the “football” down the field toward a touchdown. The green dice are added up and the red is deducted.

Adds the inventor, “There’s quite a bit of math involved in developing a game like this. I wanted to create a format that wouldn’t take too many rolls for an outcome. The average expected rolls per ‘game’ [before a result] is just under four, much like the downs in football. I also wanted to make sure the main bets come up as close to 50% as possible.”

3 Dice Football

There are tons of side (or proposition) bets to keep things interesting.

Of course, there are a good number of side (or “prop,” short for “proposition”) bets for variety and more action, called “Single Play Bets” in the game. Single play bets include things like “Trips TD” (all three dice match), which pays 33-to-1, or “No Gain” (if zero yards are gained), which pays 5-to-1 and the monster prop bet “Turnover,” which pays 66-to-1. A turnover occurs when a red 6 is rolled with either a green 1-1 or a green 1-2. Get more details.

From what we witnessed during our O’Sheas visit, 3 Dice Football is already winning over lots of die-hard fans. One player confided, “I love it. I played eight hours yesterday.” Some unsolicited love is always nice when you’re trying to launch a new casino game!

3 Dice Football

If you'd like to try 3 Dice Football, look for the schnazzy video monitor.

“We’re thrilled to see people are enjoying it so much,” says Abrahamson. “They’re really getting into it. As the inventor, it’s everything I could have hoped for.”

The game, “six years in the making,” according to Abrahamson, is a joint effort between FremantleMedia Enterprises (the “American Idol” and Price is Right Live folks), gaming specialists TCS John Huxley and Abrahamson.

3 Dice Football

Yes, actually, popcorn and hot dogs are available in the O'Sheas food court. It's a sports thing.

Read more about 3 Dice Football, a new game exclusively at O’Sheas Las Vegas.

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