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Craps Players Validated By New Casino Study

Last updated: March 29, 2011 at 5:47 pm. Posted by in Gaming, Las Vegas Casinos. Comments Off on Craps Players Validated By New Casino Study.

A new study seems to vindicate casino craps players and what were previously thought to be their “fanciful superstitions.”

The study released today confirms certain beliefs held by die-hard craps players have an irrefutable basis in fact, such as the belief that saying the word “seven” aloud during play is bad luck.

One of the study’s researchers stated, “Saying a certain word aloud has acoustic ramifications that can dramatically alter the result of a roll. The ‘butterfly effect’ could more accurately be called the ‘seven out effect.’ Reverberative influence is very, very real.”

Craps dice

Statisticians collectively declare, "We stand corrected."

The research also appears conclusive in regard to dice hitting a player’s hands, long said to be a bad omen at the craps table. Scientists note, “Dice that hit hands will no longer land randomly. They are 421% more likely to result in a roll with an unfortunate outcome for a player. Yes, exactly 421%.”

News of the findings has spread like wildfire among those in the craps community.

“Damn straight,” exclaimed one player at the Planet Hollywood resort in Las Vegas. “Did you see the part of the report about changing out stickmen? You could roll for two hours, but the roll after a stickman is changed out is not going to go your way. Now we have the science to prove it.”

Indeed, science confirms changing a stickman (or a dealer, for that matter) causes measurable changes to the trajectory of casino dice, causing them to act erratically.

The same appears to happen when dice accidentally bounce off a table. Stated a researcher, “Dice that fall off a table land on carpeting which can cause microscopic abrasions on the dice. This causes the dice to land in an unfavorable position on the very next roll in 91.4% of cases.”

craps dice

Aerodynamics and physics are behind many of craps' most popular "superstitions."

One more report finding is worth noting. The lead researcher stated, “An exception in our results appears to be the belief first-time shooters, or ‘virgins,’ are luckier than other, more experienced shooters. Utterly ridiculous. Unless it’s a woman. Then, yes, completely valid, scientifically.”

The study is scheduled to be published in an upcoming issue of the gaming trade publication, “Prevaricator Monthly.”

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