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Dog Casino Gives Pups the Vegas Experience (Kinda)

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Perhaps not surprisingly, this blog loves casinos: The eye-popping carpeting, the slang, the clicking of gaming chips, the whole nine yards. This blog also happens to love dogs.

So, we were especially thrilled to discover the Dog Casino.

Dog Casino game

Why should humans have all the fun?

We quickly whipped out our wallet, stuffed with Blazing Sevens winnings from the night before, and acquired the Dog Casino to share it with you. We also thought it would make a great Mother’s Day present, but that’s beside the point.

While we didn’t immediately see the casino tie-in to this “fun interactive game,” we were comforted by a blurb on the box that said the game is slobber-proof.

Dog Casino

Even the most modern human casinos in Las Vegas aren't especially slobber-proof.

The Dog Casino, it turns out, is like a puzzle for your pooch. The box gives fair warning that it’s challenging. Along with photos of dogs in hats. The international symbol for skill level in dog casinos.

Dog Casino

Don't let these cloned dogs in graduation hats intimidate you.

So, here’s the “casino.” It’s a set of bones that rest on the top of a game board thingy.

Dog Casino

Irrelevant Vegas trivia: Craps dice are often called "bones."

Doggie treats are placed in small drawers along the edges of the game, and they can only be opened when the corresponding bone is removed.

Remove the correct bone, and dogs get the equivalent of a slot machine jackpot, but without the irksome tax obligations.

Dog Casino

Forget this ticket-in ticket-out business. It's treat time.

If all this seems a little complicated, don’t worry, there’s a training manual for pet owners included (as well as a CD we didn’t actually use).

Dog Casino

Yes, there's some reading involved. People still do that, you know.

We found the Dog Casino game in a local store here in Vegas for a hefty $64.99, but it sells for much less online (in the $40 range). Our local store split the difference.

While the similarities to a real casino are a tad tenuous, we still think this is a fun way to see just how clever your dog is. Like the box says, it’s challenging, and our test subject, Bonnie (below), seemed to prefer receiving her treats the old-fashioned way.

Dog Casino

Mom loved her Mother's Day present, by the way. The jury's still out for Bonnie.

If you dig dogs, too, you might want to read up on the dog-friendly PetStay program available at a number of Las Vegas hotels. Yes, treats are included. Delivered the old-fashioned way.

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