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Fans Descend Upon Vegas for “Star Trek” Convention

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Trekkers, fans of the “Star Trek” universe, are in the pointy-eared, green-blooed throes of the Official Star Trek Convention Las Vegas at Rio Las Vegas, through Aug. 14.

The event is expected to draw upwards of 20,000 die-hard “Star Trek” enthusiasts.

Attendees are sure to be in Seventh Sto-Vo-Kor (Klingon heaven) as featured appearances include Leonard Nimoy (Aug. 13), as well as William Shatner and Patrick Stewart (Aug 14).


We don't have a Leonard Nemoy pic, but here's a freaky-good busker on Fremont Street.

Other stars slated to attend are Jonathan Frakes, Rene Auberjonois, Brent Spiner, Kate Mulgrew, Nichelle Nichols and George Takei. The list goes on and on. Check out the details.

Of course, Las Vegas is embracing “The Gift” (it’s a “Voyager” thing) that is the economic bonanza associated with any big convention. Our favorite so far? Evening Call at Rio Las vegas posted this to their Facebook page: Romulan Ale, as only Vegas can do it.

Romulan Ale

"Scotty, beam me up a brain freeze!"

This blog is actually a fan of “Star Trek” and its many offshoots, so we had to dig up a couple of Vegas tie-ins, no matter how tenuous. Hey, that’s how we roll.

And speaking of gambling, how would we forget “The Gamesters of Triskelion,” from the original series. Kirk, Chekhov and Uhura were kidnapped by disembodied aliens and forced to fight in gladiatorial contests for the gambling entertainment of the aliens. Told you it might be tenuous, but it’s gambling!

Star Trek

Don't get Kirk angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

All right, then, how about this?

In an episode of “The Next Generation” (yes, it counts), “Royale,” Riker, Worf and Data beam down but are trapped in a 1980s-era Las Vegas casino based upon a novel titled, “The Hotel Royale.”

Next Generation

Let's hope craps is around for the "Next Generation" and beyond. Personal bias.

Not so tenuous now, eh?

Consider this a big, moist Pulse of Vegas blog welcome to all the Romulans, Paxans, Ferengi, Vorgons, Harkonians, Vulcans (sorry they mucked with the canon, dudes), Tholians and Malurians. Borg, not so much.

Get all the convention details at the official Star Trek site, including daily recaps of the Official Star Trek Convention Las Vegas. Tickets for the event are $35-$40, available at the door.

Monopoly Star Trek Klingon

We are not making this up.

Oh, and it’s still considered uncool to call them “Trekkies.” As Mr. Spock might say, that term is “frequently depreciative.”

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