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Hispanic Heritage Month Gets Total Rewards Card

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Hispanic Heritage Month is Sep. 15 through Oct. 15, 2011, and Total Rewards, the player loyalty program of Caesars Entertainment, has issued a limited edition Total Rewards card in honor of the occasion.

Yes, we have a sneak preview of the new Total Rewards card. That’s how this Las Vegas blog rolls.

Hispanic Heritage Month Total Rewards Card

We're going to pretend we published this without permission. It helps with this blog's bad-boy image. Yes, that's our image. Just go with it.

The collectible players’ card will be available in Caesars Entertainment hotels in Las Vegas, and across the country, in mid-September (officially, anyway, many casinos have them now, available upon request only).

In the past, special edition Total Rewards cards have been snatched up quickly, so don’t wait to get yours at your favorite Total Rewards counter desk Center thingy.

National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates “the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.” We’re thinking there were bureaucrats involved in that delicately-worded sentence, but that is neither here nor there!

What is “here nor there” is that you may learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month on the official Library of Congress site.

On a somewhat-related note, here’s today’s completely useless Las Vegas fact.

Viva Las Vegas

Wait for it...

“Viva Las Vegas,” translated literally, means, “Long live the meadows.” Hey, told you it was useless.

Las Vegas will turn up its Hispanic Heritage quotient during Hispanic Heritage Month, with plans for a concert by Luis Miguel, as well as a tequila festival and the Las Vegas Mariachi Festival at Planet Hollywood (Sep. 17, read more). You’ll never guess which event this blog is looking forward to the most. Correct, the Luis Miguel concert, whomever that might actually be. More details to come!

It should also be noted there’s a Spanish Total Rewards site, as well as Spanish language sites for Vegas resorts like Rio Las Vegas and Caesars Palace.

And we know what you’re thinking. Yes, at one point, we considered providing a Spanish version of this Las Vegas blog. However, a good point was raised, specifically, “Um, it’s not all that great in English, is a Spanish version really going to help?” Que escucha.

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