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Caesars Entertainment & Gamblit Bring First Interactive Video Gaming To Vegas

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What’s better than unlocking bonus treasure on your favorite mobile game? Winning real money while trash talking your friends because you destroyed their high scores, of course!

Imagine your crew gathered around a giant (42-inch!) tablet-esque game table showing each other who’s boss in the interactive gaming arena. Now imagine you could back up your taunts with money…and do it all in Las Vegas.

Caesars Entertainment has been the leader in gaming innovations and it was the first in Las Vegas to have the brand new Gamblit social, skill-based gaming with an interactive group experience. Two Gamblit games – Gamblit Poker and Cannonbeard’s Treasure – debuted in March at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino and are now rolling out at other Caesars Entertainment properties on the Vegas Strip and in regional markets.

Look forward to playing Gamblit at Harrah’s Resort Southern California on Friday, April 14. On April 19 it will hit the casino floors of Paris Las Vegas and The LINQ Hotel & Casino. April 21 is launch day over at Caesars Palace and if you’re visiting Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, you can try out the brand new games April 26.

“We’re making tremendous progress in our efforts to reach a new generation of gamers who seek integrated skill-based gaming and Caesars is proud to be the first in Las Vegas to provide this innovative experience to our customers,” said Caesars Entertainment President and CEO, Mark Frissora.

After trying out Gamblit’s games, we can say crushing it at Candy Crush on your lunch break is nothing compared to the thrill of demolishing your friends in person on Gamblit Poker while earning bragging rights and cash.

Oh and did we mention the cup holders, USB charging ports and purse hooks on all the tables? Grab a couple of drinks and we’ll be set to crush our opponents…sorry… our friends all night long.

You might get the stink eye from other players at a traditional poker table if your trash talking is bigger than your bet but with Gamblit games, interaction with friends is encouraged. In Gamblit Poker, two to four players place a bet then the prize wheel spins to determine what size pot you’re playing for. Will it be a few bucks or a few hundred bucks? Either way, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good time as you race to build the best poker hand and defeat your friends.

Each player is dealt two cards to start then everyone has the chance to nab cards from the communal deck to create the best poker hand. Think of it as Hungry Hungry Hippos, only for aces and spades. Need one more 10 to complete your four of a kind? Swipe it quickly to prevent your friend from completing her straight.

Coming from someone who has watched her share of poker games, I can assure you this truly social experience is so fun for groups. If you’re not already competitive, you’ll get there in a push of a button. Victory dances are encouraged and there are no penalties for excessive celebration.

If you’re looking to win a chest of gold, take your gaming to the high seas with Cannonbeard’s Treasure. Two to four pirates, er, players are given a target number to reach using up to three cards. It’s similar to blackjack, only the number to hit varies and you have up to three cards to make your best hand without going over.

If you’re math-averse like me, you might be a little wary of quick addition…especially when cocktails are involved. No worries! Gamblit helps you do the math by displaying the number remaining to reach your target. When you beat your opponents to the total, cannons from your ship sink the rest and the treasure chest is yours. If you lose, you don’t have to walk the plank but your friends might not let you forget it…at least until you sink their ships on the next hand.

The games are in the trial phase now but once they earn regulatory approval look for 200 of these tables to be available throughout Caesars Entertainment properties in the United States.

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