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Getting Some Total Rewards Face Time

Last updated: August 26, 2010 at 12:26 am. Posted by in Gaming, Las Vegas Casinos, Rio Las Vegas, Total Rewards. Comments Off on Getting Some Total Rewards Face Time.

As a blog, we are obligated to stay abreast (don’t go there) of all the latest trends (memes) and fads (Facebook) on the Interwebs. A friend was kind enough to send along a link to a wonderfully funny site the other day, Happy Chair is Happy. The site features photos of “faces in inanimate objects.”

Of course, when you start looking for faces in inanimate objects, you begin to see them pretty much everywhere. Today, during a jaunt through the Rio, we noticed the sign below at the entrance to the São Paulo Cafe at Rio Las Vegas.

Total Rewards face

It's as if this VIP entrance sign is saying, "Lines, schmines!" (Or something.)

The sign shows Total Rewards (player loyalty program) cards for various player “tiers” (or levels, based on one’s play in Total Rewards casinos): Diamond, Platinum and Seven Stars.

Learn more about the perks for being a Total Rewards member.

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