How to Turn $1 Into $1,000 in Three Rolls

Posted Wednesday, July 14, 2010 by in Gaming, Las Vegas Casinos. 6 Comments.

This Las Vegas blog loves craps. So, here’s a fun craps bet that could turn a $1 bet into $1,000 in just three rolls of the dice.

The center of a craps table contains bets called “prop” or “proposition” bets. We do not know why they are called that. We are a blog, not a gambling historian.

Among the prop bets are what’s known as “hard way” bets. Our favorites are the “hard six and eight.” You can bet as little as $1 each on these hard way bets. “Hard” just means the number turns up as a pair (two 3s, rather than a 4-2 or 5-1 combination). If the number comes up “easy” (not a pair), you lose the bet. Also, if the seven comes up before your hard way hits, you lose it, too.

Hard six

A pair of threes is a "hard six." We love craps jargon!

So, now the good part. Say your hard six bet hits. It pays 10-1. You can take $9 down, with $1 replacing your bet, or you can “parlay” your $10 winnings, another term for “letting it ride.”

If you parlay your bet, and another hard six hits (before an “easy” six, or a seven), your $10 just became $100. Hello! Now is the moment of decision. Do you take your $100 or let it ride again. Are you in Vegas or not? Of course, you let it ride!

One more hard six, and your $1 has turned into $1,000. Just like magic. After a generous tip for your dealers, as well as a small gratuity for this Las Vegas blog, you’ve still got a nice little chunk of change.

Good luck, and have fun!

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6 Responses

  1. Sean L.

    Why don’t you try getting $900 in only two rolls by putting $1 on 2 and letting that ride?

  2. Sean L.

    Why don’t you try getting $900 in only two rolls by putting $1 on 2 and letting that ride?

  3. sroeben

    Just a personal preference!

  4. sroeben

    Just a personal preference!

  5. Small correction: Hard Six or Hard Eight pays 9 to 1. The odds of hitting it are 10 to 1.

  6. It is game of rolls only.