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It’s the Fourth of July in Las Vegas

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The Fourth of July is, as history books used to tell us, back when people read books, Independence Day.

It’s a day when Americans celebrate declaring independence from Great Britain back in 1776. America has long since made up with Great Britain, mainly because of the sweet tourism dollars and a hunger for its chief export, adorable accents.

Las Vegas is celebrating Independence Day as America’s forefathers would have wanted it to: With drink specials, pool parties and scantily-clad women dressing up in red, white and blue, soliciting tips for photos.


Take that, oppressive former British overlords.

Everyone in Vegas will, of course, find their own way of celebrating the Fourth of July.

Some will seek out fireworks. Some will don American Revolution garb and have a lap dance. Still others, who know a bit more about history, will wait until August 2 to celebrate Independence Day because that’s when the Declaration of Independence was actually signed, probably due to someone forgetting to update their appointment calendar.

As for this Las Vegas blog, we’re taking the day off, celebrating the Fourth of July reverently, which means dropping a few bucks in the most reverent, Fourth of July-inspired slot machine we can find.

July 4 slot machine

How could this machine not pay out big on Independence Day?

Have a great, safe Fourth of July, and don’t overdo it.

Or just ignore the “don’t overdo it” part. Hey, what do you think we gained our independence for in the first place?

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