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Paris Las Vegas Opens “Ooh La La Party Pit”

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Why are there “party pits” with scantily-clad go-go dancers in just about every Las Vegas casino? Hint: They’re popular.

Paris Las Vegas just unveiled its “Ooh La La Party Pit,” and as a hard-hitting journalist, this blog felt compelled to visit the new gaming and go-go area for some photos and video.

Paris Las Vegas party pit

We sense your underwhelm, but you haven't seen the video yet.

Hey, we don’t make up the news, we just tend to zoom in on it for uncomfortably long periods of time. If you don’t like it, start your own Las Vegas blog.


The Ooh La La Party Pit opens at 8:00 p.m. each evening. It features a go-go dancer runway, table games and a “Big Six” wheel for people with too much disposable income. But mostly that first thing.

Paris party pit

"Aside from the dancers," you ask, "how is a party pit different than other parts of the casino?" Your insolence is duly noted.

During our visit to the new party pit, we took note of a table game we hadn’t seen before, called “21 + 3 Xtreme” blackjack.

Apparently, while you’re playing blackjack, a side bet pays for a three card poker hand (your first two blackjack cards and the dealer’s up card).

Paris party pit blackjack

Love the blackjack layout with the corset thingys.

If your “Xtreme” (not a real word) side bet hits, a straight flush wins 30-to-1, three of a kind gets 20-to-1, a straight lands 10-to-1 and a flush pays 5-to-1. We would calculate the odds of hitting these side bets, but being in Vegas isn’t about math, it’s about having fun. And just never-you-mind that this is the blog of a casino company.

Check out the new Ooh La La Party Pit at Paris Las Vegas the next time you’re in the neighborhood.

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