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Poker Titans Clash at World Series of Poker

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Well, now we’ve done it. Last night (Jun. 28), we breached security and caught some of poker’s heaviest hitters at the World Series of Poker at Rio Las Vegas. Credentials, schmedentials!

First up, poker superstar Phil Ivey.

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey exhibits what is possibly the worst poker face EVER.

Phil Ivey and friends were in the throes of day one of a three-day Pot-Limit Omaha contest, event #50 of the world’s biggest poker spectacular, the World Series of Poker.


Yet another poker legend, Scotty Nguyen.

Note: These photos are: 1) exclusives, 2) in violation of any number of privacy policies. We do not, however, live by society’s rules.

It was a who’s-who of poker greats. All in one place. Vying for poker immortality. No pressure!

The charming and charity-minded Annie Duke was keeping things lively at her table.

Annie Duke

Fact: Annie Duke smiles approximately one bajillion times more than the typical poker player.

On a related note, Annie Duke co-hosts the Ante Up for Africa charity tournament with Don Cheadle on Jul. 3.

Back to the exclusive photos!


Poker icon Chris Ferguson and his famous chapeau. Though you probably don't want to call it that to his face.

And now, a pause in the WSOP action to watch the above-photographed Chris Ferguson cut fruit with playing cards.


Perhaps our most flagrant violation of society’s rules was the photo we got on our way out of the Rio. Cruising through the casino, we spotted none other than last year’s World Series of Poker Main Event winner Joe Cada.

First, we’re not entirely sure one can take a photo in the Rio casino. Second, especially when the subject of the photo says, “I’d prefer that you not take my photo.”

We’re kidding. He only said that six or eight times before caving into our enthusiastic badgering!

Joe Cada

Joe Cada, youngest player to ever win the WSOP Main Event. That's a cool $8.5 million, folks.

Thanks for the photo, Joe. Read more about last year’s champ (just 21 years old at the time).

Visit the official site of the World Series of Poker for all the latest news, as well as photos that were taken with the actual permission of the parties involved. If you’re into that kind of thing.

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