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Running Rich Racing Game Makes Worldwide Debut At Planet Hollywood

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People playing Running Rich Racing game at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

The race is on! Will you win the race, the bonus or both? Photo courtesy of Competition Interactive.

Grab the wheel and win

Are you a boss at Mario Kart? If you think you’re the champ at that type of cart racing video or arcade game, it’s time to up the ante and bet on it.

Running Rich Racing by Competition Interactive, which just had its worldwide debut at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, is the next evolution of casino skill-based gaming and it’s seriously fun.

If you’re wondering how one wins money off what looks like a sweet racing arcade game, well, so were we. It turns out it’s simple and there are multiple ways to score a victory. Players can win based on skill and they can also win based on chance. That means if you tend to “enjoy the scenic route” in racing games, aka ride the wall on every hard turn and have a better knowledge of what the backs of your opponents’ carts look like, you still have the chance to win money.

Running Rich Racing at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Live out all your drifting fantasies from the comfort of the casino. Image courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Running Rich at Planet Hollywood

Players can race against up to two other real players and six to eight AI players, aka the casino cars. The game seats three people so bring your crew to compete in this social, multiplayer experience, or make friends with your opponents. Did we mention how incredibly comfortable the seats are? They’re Italian leather and adjustable so you can compete against your buddies and trash talk in ultimate comfort. Yes, there are drink holders.

Test your driving skills with Running Rich Racing game at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Show off your driving skills. Photo courtesy of Competition Interactive.

Multiple ways to win

While drink holders are important, let’s get to the part about how you win money. Prior to the start of the race, place your bet on how you’ll do in the actual cart racing battle and you’ll be rewarded for a podium finish in first, second or third place. First place scores you 2x your bet, second place wins 1x your bet and third place gets 0.5x. Currently the game is set up for wagers of $5, $10, $15 and $20 per race.

That same initial bet also allows you to win by chance because every player gets a bonus spin after the race. The number and type of gems you earn there offer you a chance to win up to $2,000, even if you placed dead last in the prior race. Score!

This isn’t an old school race car game where the scenery’s only excitement is a stadium full of static, imaginary fans. Running Rich Racing features six vibrantly colored, dynamic tracks and players can choose from nine unique avatars. Why anyone would choose a character other than Coco, the flying monkey in an ice cream truck, is completely beyond comprehension.

Neon Canyon track- Running Rich Racing at Planet Hollywood

Zoom through the Neon Canyon track, reminiscent of Old Vegas and its never-ending neon. Image courtesy of Competition Interactive.

All tracks lead to fun

The distinctively original tracks twist and turn at all angles as you zoom past the engaging scenery. Try to beat opponents to power ups, while both dodging and deploying items you collect. The Neon Canyon track was inspired by Las Vegas’ own Neon Boneyard, which houses restored neon signs from Las Vegas’ beautifully blingy past. There’s also the Rave Track so you can feel like you’re at the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Screen of Running Rich Racing game at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Blast your opponents with tornadoes, eggs, and more as you attempt the fastest lap time. Image courtesy of Competition Interactive.

Now you can drift like the pros

You’ll quickly get the hang of the game, especially if you have previous video game or arcade game experience. There’s a steering wheel and a gas pedal plus two paddle shifters on the steering wheel to “enter” or go “back” when selecting characters and denominations before the race. Once the starting flag drops, press the left shifter to drift around a corner with a speed boost, sliding through power ups to score items. The right shifter launches these accumulated items at your opponents as you race around the track. You know you’ve got scenes from “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” running through your head right now. Want to slow somebody down? Drop an egg on the track. Threatened by that driver in first place? Send a tornado to knock him or her down a position.

People having fun playing Running Rich Racing game at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

With this new casino game you can have fun, trash talk your friends and even win money. Photo courtesy of Competition Interactive.

Running Rich Racing brings you back to the arcade days of your youth with the added bonus of modern, enticing graphics and the literal bonus of being able to win money based on both your skill and chance. It’s located on the Planet Hollywood casino floor right near P.F. Chang’s restaurant. Save your wild drifting for the game but seriously, get to Planet Hollywood as fast as you can and be among the first in the world to experience the thrill of beating your friends’ lap times and winning money while you do it.

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