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Sneak Preview: James Cameron’s “AVATAR” Game Series Brings Fun to Las Vegas Casinos

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True story: Up until two weeks ago, I never really sat down and gambled – shoving a dollar in a machine and walking away doesn’t really count. Shortly after I got the hang of penny slots, I bounced from one machine to the next. I wasn’t looking at the maximum cash winnings; I simply chose machines that featured the snazziest graphics. To me, that was the best part!

You can imagine my delight when I heard about the out-of-this-world AVATAR slot machines hitting casino floors soon. Inspired by James Cameron’s “AVATAR,” International Game Technology’s newest game series allows you to relive the magic of the highest-grossing film of all-time. Hardcore gamers won’t be the only ones experiencing awesome visual effects. These machines are sure to kick the Las Vegas casino experience up a notch,even for regular slot players. Plus, these add to the excitement of the upcoming AVATAR movie sequels.

IGT, the leading casino technology company, partnered with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products to debut two AVATAR games at this year’s Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, Sept. 24-26: James Cameron’s AVATAR Video Slots and James Cameron’s AVATAR Treasures of Pandora.

Inspired by the 2009 blockbuster movie, IGT’s newest game series allows you to relive the magic of the highest-grossing film of all-time.

“We created two games that capture the innovative spirit of IGT, while also reflecting the attention to detail and breathtaking beauty that James Cameron fans would expect,” Darrell Rodriguez, IGT Chief Creative Officer, said. “As a director, he has changed the way people think about movies. We create our games to change the way people think about slot machines.”

Here’s a quick preview of the two AVATAR versions, coming soon:

PHOTO_Avatar_VideoSlots_Duo copy

Into the blue: Your favorite Las Vegas casino will soon feature AVATAR-themed slot machines.

James Cameron’s AVATAR Video Slots:  In this captivating gaming experience, you’re right in the midst of the Na’vi warriors. This is the first IGT game where you can track your progress and achieve additional game content as you advance – just like a video game. Hunt the forest for more credits, take flight and tame a banshee or choose a warrior to collect symbols for a prize.


It’s almost like watching the hit movie all over again.

James Cameron’s AVATAR Treasures of Pandora: Featuring 3-D visuals on a 42-inch vertical screen, AVATAR Treasures of Pandora is another exciting concept. A follow-up release to AVATAR Video Slots, the wide-area progressive video slot features the bright and vivid flora graphics seen in the movie. Here, you can play for major wins and bonuses.

James Cameron’s AVATAR Video Slots and James Cameron’s AVATAR Treasures of Pandora join IGT’s successful MegaJackpots series. Since MegaJackpots launched in 1986, IGT has created more than 1,500 millionaires and paid out nearly $6 billion in jackpot winnings.Ding ding ding!

Put on your intergalactic game face, or really get in the spirit, paint your face blue. It just may bring you the luck needed to win big.

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