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The Quad’s Ready to Give Us All a Swift Kick to the Expectations

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We know The Quad hasn’t officially debuted its new casino area and Catalyst Bar yet, but who can wait?

We popped in for a sneak peek, and honestly, our mouth’s still agape. Which, admittedly, is not a great look for us, but we digress.

Catalyst Bar

The finishing touches are being put on the Catalyst Bar. Do people still say "holy smokes"?

The Catalyst Bar is the centerpiece of The Quad’s expanded casino area, and we can’t wait to have our first cocktail at this impressive bar.

Catalyst Bar

We apologize for thinking the renderings might have been a little full of themselves. They sort of nailed it.

There are lots of new flourishes in the renovated casino. We especially like the fancy light fixtures.

The Quad

The Quad is definitely discovering its vibe.

The expanded casino will be the new location for The Quad’s dealertainers, blackjack dealers who also perform as music’s greatest stars. Or they’re performers who deal blackjack. We can never keep that straight.

Dealertainer table

One of the tables in the dealertainer pit gets it assembly on.

During our visit, we got to see a funky tool being used to level one of the new roulette wheels. This tri-point level (called an AccuLevel) sits in the groove where the ball circles the wheel before dropping into the numbered slots. A perfectly level wheel ensures the game’s fair for players and the casino.

Roulette wheel level

We have no idea why we find all this so fascinating. We just do.

There’s something exciting about new table games. What’s not to love about the arm rests on the new craps tables at The Quad, pictured below?

Craps table

What an amazing rack. We should probably leave it at that.

Another new addition to The Quad is the “Q” Wine & Spirits store. The shelves will soon be filled with a few of our favorite things, including, but not limited to, wine and spirits.

Q Wine & Spirits

At least we think this is the "Q" Wine & Spirits store. The sign was still in the works.

Unrelated to anything, look what we found in the hotel’s gift shop, nearby. This blog’s other favorite things!

Quad candy

Insert gratuitous photo of Quad candy here.

There’s a lot to take in at The Quad, so plan to spend some time checking out the new casino area, the new Catalyst Bar, the new porte-cochère, the new Registration and Total Rewards desks, and much more.

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