The Riv Offers 1,000-Times Odds on Craps

Posted Friday, February 24, 2012 by in Gaming, Las Vegas Casinos. 6 Comments.

The Riviera Hotel & Casino, on the north end of the Vegas Strip, has announced it now offers 1,000-times odds on its craps tables.

In craps, “odds” bets are used to increase a “Pass Line” bet, and are considered one of the best bets in a casino, if not the best, because of the low house edge.


Craps evolved from an Old English game called "hazard."

After an initial bet is placed on the Pass Line (say $5), and a number is established (on the first roll, 7 and 11 win, 2,3 and 12 lose), the odds bet is placed behind the line, and that bet pays according to the number being attempted. It’s easier than it sounds with a little practice. Learn more about the game, and more about the odds in craps.

Theoretically, that original $5 Pass Line bet could be backed up with 1,000 times odds, or $5,000. If the number being hit is a 4 or 10, that $5,000 would pay 2-to-1, or $10,000 (as long as the number hits before a seven). The Pass Line in craps always pays even money.

Craps table

This blog loves it some craps.

Which brings up an interesting point. How many craps players actually place the maximum odds behind the line, especially when it’s more than, say, 10- or 20-times odds? Yeah, that’s kind of this blog’s impression, too. So, while it makes for a great story, we’re not entirely sure there are tons of craps fans lining up to back up their $5 bet with $5,000.

Why not announce million-times odds? Somebody get on that, please. This blog loves having an excuse to talk about craps.

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6 Responses

  1. Aside from the increasingly rare video poker machine with a great pay table, the odds bet isn’t one of the best bets, it’s THE best bet. It pays at true odds (6:5 for the 6 and 8, 3:2 for the 5 and 9, and 2:1 for the 4 and 10), meaning there is ZERO house edge on the odds bet. Because of this, it’s better to make as small of a Pass bet as you can, and then max out the odds on it. So, if you’d like to bet $25 a game, it’s better to bet $5 on the Pass and $20 on the odds than it is to put all $25 on the Pass line.

  2. Flea Stiff

    For quite some time even the 100x odds bet has been mainly pure utter hype. Most players start out around 2x or 3x odds and will often go to 5x or 10x or even 20x if allowed. No matter what “x” is offered, players will complain that it is not 100x but they will actually bet nowhere near 100x most of the time.

    Mathematicians tell us the best strategy is to put your entire bankroll on the line but its no fun to do that if it loses and you are there for a four day stay. Mathematicians also tell us to maximize our odds bets but darn few of us really have the bankroll to do that. For many players, time at table is part of the goal as well as the free drinks. So if all your money is gone after a huge odds bet that loses, there is insufficient reward for the risk that is taken.

  3. Anonymous

    Agreed! Those super-sized odds limits are marketing gimmicks. Which we’re not entirely against, given we’re a gaming company. :)

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