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The Slot Machine That Laid $80,000 at Rio

Last updated: June 29, 2010 at 10:51 am. Posted by in Gaming, Las Vegas Casinos, Rio Las Vegas. Comments Off on The Slot Machine That Laid $80,000 at Rio.

After hearing a player hit an $80,000 jackpot at Rio the other day, we just had to check out the lucky machine. After some sleuthing, we found it! Hey, that’s what we do. We sleuth.

Rio slot

We are looking into adopting this video poker machine.

The machine resides in the High Limit area at Rio Las Vegas, and we only had a minor coronary when we saw that the machine in question was a $100 machine. Meaning, one “coin” equals $100, and the “max bet” is five coins. That’s a mere $500 a hand!

Rio slot


Hey, in Vegas, it’s go big or go home!

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