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Today’s Gambling Trivia: Card Sharp vs. Card Shark

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Lots of people, at least in America, call someone good at cards a “card shark.” But equally acceptable, and preferred by many (especially in the U.K.), is the older term, “card sharp.” Yep, “sharp.”

The story behind “card sharp” vs. “card shark” is a fascinating one, and as such, will not appear in this blog. But read more about this history of the terms here.

Card sharp

This blog prefers "card sharp," in case you're keeping score.

There was even a game show called, “Card Sharks.” We try not to think about it too much.

Oh, and there’s an additional rub. Even if you must use the term “card shark,” realize it originally had nothing to do with animals that swim or which have their own week on Animal Planet. “Shark” is based on the German word “schurke,” which even as far back as the 16th century meant a swindler.

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