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Today’s Thing We Didn’t Know About Imperial Palace

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We tend to know everything about Las Vegas. (Actual results may vary.)

But the other day, wandering aimlessly around the Imperial Palace, we discovered something we’d never seen before: The hotel’s Race & Sports Book. We figured there must be one, somewhere. But we had no idea whatsoever it would be like this.

Imperial Palace Race & Sports Book

We never expected this. Did you?

To put it in technical terms, our brain nearly exploded. It’s massive. How does all that Race & Sports Book fit inside the Imperial Palace?

The seats seem to go on forever, like a (wait for it) sports stadium.

Imperial Palace Race & Sports Book

Holy sweet mother of Zenyatta, this is unexpectedly awesome.

The IP’s Race & Sports Book has more than 240 televisions in the race book area alone. Yes, we counted every single one of them. Probably.

So, the next time you’re in the Imperial Palace, check out this hidden Las Vegas gem.

Imperial Palace Race & Sports Book

If you don't love that carpeting, you don't love Las Vegas, plain and simple.

It’s not all shiny and new-fangled like some other Race & Sports Books, but you can bet it’ll be a pleasant, unpretentious surprise.

See what we did there? “You can bet.” Because you place bets. It’s a casino. That, dear friends, is how you win blogger awards.

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