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Why This Las Vegas Blog Makes Other Blogs Cry

Last updated: July 29, 2010 at 2:43 pm. Posted by in Gaming, Las Vegas Casinos, O'Sheas. Comments Off on Why This Las Vegas Blog Makes Other Blogs Cry.

Sure, there might be other Las Vegas blogs.

But this blog can pretty much guarantee those blogs will never, ever have the intestinal fortitude to throw caution to the wind and brave arrest by casino security personnel to take a photo of a craps dealer named Dy.

craps dealer O'Sheas

Meet Dy. He deals craps.

Dy is Cambodian.

And his name is Dy.

And he deals craps.

Which is a casino game that involves, well, you know.

craps dealer O'Sheas

We are SO not making this up.

The next time you’re in O’Sheas, say “hi” to Dy if you spot him. See what we did there?

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