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WSOP Hosts Dogs Playing Poker Photo Op

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If you think herding cats is challenging, try poker-playing dogs!

Yesterday (July 11, 2012), this blog worked with a group of Las Vegas dogs, and the World Series of Poker, to pay homage to those iconic “dogs playing poker” paintings done by artist C.M. Coolidge as far back as 1903. Read more.

Wild times ensued at Rio Las Vegas, but we got our shot!

Dogs playing poker at WSOP

This blog loves it some poker-playing dogs.

The idea for the photo shoot came via our friend, the Go Vegas Dog, Arbor (pictured below). Oh, and her humans, Bryce and Jennifer Henderson.

Arbor is quickly becoming a Sin City celebrity based on her charm and recent forays to The Strip which have been immortalized in an entertaining series of videos. Here’s a video of Arbor visiting Flamingo Las Vegas.

Dogs playing poker Arbor

This blog is not allowed to play favorites, except to say Arbor is our favorite.

Arbor (she’s a she, by the way) also paints, recently appearing on “Good Morning America,” as well as at this blog’s birthday party. Hey, full disclosure. The sweet pup spends her time helping to raise awareness about pet adoptions, among other things.

Joining Arbor were a furry band of pooches: Cyrus (below, and it’s a fake cigar, of course), Bella, Jack, Jeeves and Toby.

Dogs playing poker

Every poker player we've talked to has had days like this.

You can ask us how we got Cyrus to wink at the camera, below, but it’s a trade secret. (Translation: Dumb luck.)

Dogs playing poker

It's not hard to guess his "tell."

A World Series of Poker dealer, Shaun Harris, also joined in the fun, and by “fun,” of course, we mean, “completely covered in drool and dog hair by the end of our session.” Modeling is so glamorous!

Dogs playing poker at WSOP

Shaun, the "Dogs Playing Poker Whisperer." Not to mention being a great sport.

Arbor and friends also dragged Jack Effel into a pic (below), mainly because of his impressive title: Vice President, International Poker Operations and Director, World Series of Poker. Which, we should add, the Guinness World Records folks might want to take a look at the next time they’re in town.

Dogs playing poker

Our human subjects were pretty well-behaved, too.

Follow the adventures of Arbor on Facebook, and thanks to all our slobbery friends who took part in our dogs playing poker photo op, as well as to the World Series of Poker for not having us removed by security. Actually, Rio Vegas is part of the Caesars Entertainment PetStay program, so we were in good hands.

More photos in our exclusive gallery, of course. Proof positive the world of professional poker is dog-eat-dog!

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