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11 Alternate Uses for Your Hotel Shower Cap

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As if a visit to Las Vegas weren’t already exciting enough, you get to your hotel room and quickly realize, “There’s free stuff!” Yep, there’s soap and shampoo and notepads and facial tissues and that completely free toilet paper fold. It’s included, baby!

And all that’s great. But an in-room magazine or pen simply can’t compare to the the Holy Grail of free Vegas stuff: Shower caps. Scoff if you’d like. We’ll wait.

If you’re just using your complimentary shower cap as a shower cap, or worse, not at all, you’re  missing out on one of the best values in Las Vegas. Here, then, are “11 Alternate Uses for Your Hotel Shower Cap.”

1. Emergency Goldfish Bowl

You never know when you’re going to experience a fishbowl failure, so Harrah’s headliner Mac King illustrates what to do in a pinch, below. Note: No goldfish were harmed during the making of this blog post, although several shower caps did sacrifice their lives. (They’ll make more.)

Mac King

You're this blog's hero, Mac King.

2. Paint Texture Sponge

The Vegas fun doesn’t have to end just because you’re no longer in Vegas! When you get home, you can use your shower cap to provide a dappled, textured effect to your next paint job.

Shower cap paint

We actually became skilled daubers for this blog post.

3. Wind Sock

Who doesn’t like to keep tabs on wind speed and direction? This handy device, constructed from a shower cap and what experts call a “stick,” is especially useful when you’re trying to predict if your McCarran International Airport take-off is going to be bumpy or smooth.

Shower cap windsock

Thanks for not Tasering us, airport security!

4. Beer Pong Buddy

Some believe the Las Vegas Strip is the center of the beer pong universe, with the O’Sheas beer pong pavilion bursting at the seams night after night, and Flamingo Las Vegas hosting the World Series of Beer Pong each year. But intensity has a cost, and your collapsible shower cap is sure to come in handy during the heat of competition.

O'Sheas shower cap

Thanks for letting us use your photo, guy at O'Sheas who doesn't remember saying we could use his photo.

5. Noisemaker

New Year’s Eve will be here before you know it, and you know you’ll be spending it in Las Vegas! Just fill your shower cap with confetti, glitter and streamers, blow it up, give it a twist, and you’re ready to create an explosion of frivolity.

Shower cap party favor

We were going to call this party favor an "Inheritance Facilitator," but we didn't want to encourage that kind of thing.

6. Pastry Bag

You never know when a pastry bag (also called a “piping bag”) will come in handy. Just fill it with frosting, and soon you’ll be piping like a professional pastry chef. Alternatively, fill the pastry bag with whipped cream and make the most of all the social networking opportunities Sin City can provide. Yes, we said it.

shower cap pastry bag

We're 21% sure this is sanitary.

7. Camera Softening Filter

Softening filters for cameras, used to give photos a dreamy haze, can be expensive. But you can get the same effect by placing a shower cap over your camera lens.

Shower cap filter

Yes, this is what we do in our spare time.

Some people, like Peepshow (at Planet Hollywood) and “Holly’s World” star Holly Madison, don’t require any softening, but we used our shower cap filter at one of Holly’s red carpet appearances just for illustrative purposes.

Holly Madison filter

Holly's dreamy with or without the shower cap filter.

8. Science Fair Project

With all those hours spent honing your basic blackjack strategy, who has time to help the kids with their science fair project? A couple of shower caps later, and your kid is sure to bring home a trophy. To guarantee a win, include  information you’ve copied and pasted from the Internet, with phrases like “free-swimming members of the phylum Cnidaria.”

science project

We're betting this is the first blog post you've read today that includes the phrase "free-swimming members of the phylum Cnidaria."

9. Birth Control

Sin City is all about being spontaneous. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful! (Despite what you’ve heard, things don’t always stay in Vegas.) We actually have no idea if a shower cap would work as birth control, but we kind of wanted to see if we could make a corporate lawyer’s head explode.


What. It's a cucumber and it's super fresh.

10. Pet Waste Bag

A distant cousin to the pooper scooper, a pet waste bag is the ultimate way to say, “Yes, I love my pet this much!” Thankfully, in Vegas, you won’t need them too often, since many hotels on the Strip are pet-friendly and provide Relief Areas amply stocked with bags. Read more.

shower cap doggy bag

This blog could totally be a hand model.

11. Love Parachute

Say you’re at the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas, and you see the object of your affection at Mon Ami Gabi restaurant below. How impressed they’ll be when you whip up a romantic poem and deliver it via shower cap parachute!

shower cap parachute

Don't actually drop anything from the Eiffel Tower. We meant it as a metaphor.

Hopefully, your creative juices are flowing by now. Have more ideas for how to use a hotel shower cap in Las Vegas? Share them in the Comments section.

In the meantime, we’ll be kicking back, enjoying some Shake ‘n Bake. All right, make that “12 Alternate Uses for Your Hotel Shower Cap.”

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