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15 Las Vegas Holiday Wishes We Hope Come True

Last updated: December 24, 2012 at 2:34 pm. Posted by in Las Vegas Casinos, Things to Do in Las Vegas. Comments Off on 15 Las Vegas Holiday Wishes We Hope Come True.

The holiday season is a time when miracles happen and wishes come true, so here are some holiday wishes we’ve slapped together at the last minute because, hey, even award-winning blogs deserve a couple of days off for the holidays.

1. May all your Las Vegas buffet lines be short.

Chocolate Santa

Please do not lick the holiday decorations, thanks.

2. May your visits to the Champagne room not result in purchasing someone a new convertible.

3. May all your dealer’s up cards be sixes.

Vegas stocking

Best. Stocking. Ever.

4. May the view from your Vegas hotel room always look down upon a topless pool.

5. May your “what happens here” never end up featured in an episode of “Vegas Strip.”


Naughty. Nice. In Sin City, it all gets a little murky.

6. May one of your Christmas gifts this year include the secret to that Penn & Teller trick where they shoot at each other and catch the bullets in their mouths. That’s been bugging us for years.

7. May all your cab rides from the airport be swift and direct.

Caesars Xmas

This blog loves it some holiday bling.

8. When nightclubbing in Las Vegas, may you always be a group of girls.

9. May your free play turn into Megabucks jackpots. (No, seriously.)

Santa license plate

Don't drive and eggnog.

10. May all your Vegas cocktails require neck straps.

11. May your suitcase be filled to overflowing with comfortable shoes. (Las Vegas hotels are always, always farther away than they appear.)

Central holidays

A few holiday flourishes at Central restaurant inside Caesars Palace.

12. May all your observation wheels be fully financed before you start building them. Ahem.

13. May all your showgirls suffer wardrobe malfunctions.


Fingers crossed.

14. May your special someone understand a “quickie wedding” need not also apply to the honeymoon.

15. And may all your Elvises be big.

Happy holidays from the entire Pulse of Vegas blog team, and since we’re just one guy, no need to go overboard on the holiday cookies. Probably.

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