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5 Reasons Why You Need the play by Total Rewards App

Last updated: March 22, 2017 at 6:00 pm. Posted by in Las Vegas Casinos. Comments Off on 5 Reasons Why You Need the play by Total Rewards App.

If you download one app that doesn’t involve candy, zombies, or throwing birds at pigs (people still do that, right?), make it play by Total Rewards. Available for iOS and Android, the app covers a vast amount of information about Total Rewards locations throughout the United States and Canada. Here are five reasons why you need this app for your next trip to Las Vegas.

1. See what’s happening nearby

Nearby Las Vegas Restaurants - play by Total Rewards

Like most city folk, I love a location-based experience and have quickly become spoiled by it. When you search for restaurants, shows or other things to do in Las Vegas (or your Total Rewards destination of choice), the results display on a handy Google-powered map. Don’t spend all that time researching a restaurant on the other end of The Strip when you’re so close to Gordon Ramsay Burger.

2. Make reservations for restaurants and shows

KGB Restaurant in Las Vegas - play by Total Rewards

Buy tickets for Jason Alexander’s show at Harrah’s and make dinner reservations at KGB during your next meeting, with your phone stealthily hidden below the conference table – if you get caught, just tell everyone you’re taking notes in Evernote.

3. Check rates and book a room (securely, of course)

Nobu Las Vegas Room - play by Total Rewards

You can search for hotel rooms, view rates, and even book your stay – all within the app’s secure connection. (When you’re logged into your Total Rewards account, the booking process is even faster.)

4. Build your itinerary

Las Vegas Itinerary - play by Total Rewards

Maybe I’m a total nerd, but this is one of my favorites. Just hit the “+” button when you’re viewing details for a restaurant, show, club, etc. to add it to your trip itinerary. If you are a master planner, you can even add specific shops to your itinerary. If you know you want to hat shop at Goorin Bros. for an hour, put it on the list.

5. Control your notifications and view offers

Offers - play by Total Rewards

Some of us spend much more time going to shows and eating than at the spa, so when we’re getting app notifications we want them to be personalized. In the play by Total Rewards app you can specify which notifications you receive: shows, dining (fine and/or casual), nightlife, and most anything else. You can also view and redeem your offers within the app.

Download play by Total Rewards – iOS

Download play by Total Rewards – Android

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