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A Glam Slam: Bally’s Jubilee! Dancers Get The MAC Cosmetics Treatment

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Blushing Beauties: With its thick coverage and array of bright colors, MAC Cosmetics are used by performers all over the world, including the girls in "Jubilee!". Photo by Tomo Muscionico.

Blushing Beauties: With its thick coverage and array of bright colors, MAC Cosmetics are used by performers all over the world, including the girls in “Jubilee!” All photos by Tomo Muscionico.

One of Vegas’ most beloved symbols is the classic showgirl, but there’s only one show in town featuring the real glamizons themselves. With headdresses, glittering costumes and feathers galore, Donn Arden’s iconic original masterpiece “Jubilee!” is still going strong after nearly 33 years at Bally’s. The requirements for its showgirl performers haven’t changed—long legs, real boobs and a minimum height of 5’8″ are a given—but their poise and classic beauty are what stand out the most.

Glamour Girl: Each showgirl must carefully apply their own makeup every night. Photo by Tomo Muscionico.

Glamour Girl: Each showgirl must carefully apply their own makeup every night.

Renowned for its use in stage and screen makeup, MAC Cosmetics partnered with Tumblr for a behind-the-scenes look at the show’s nightly preparations. Shot by brilliant visual artist photographer Tomo Muscionico, the stunning images show the girls backstage applying their own makeup, squeezing in to their rhinestone bikinis and primping every last hair and jewel until they ready for 90 minutes of dancing with multiple quick costume changes. As MAC regularly does makeup tutorials for the girls and provides them some of their product, a MAC artist was also on hand to teach the graceful beauties a few extra tricks during the shoot.

“Jubilee!,” which runs six nights a week at Bally’s, was recently revamped with a few modern touches. 

In Vegas, "over the top" is never enough at Jubilee. Photo by Tomo Muscionico.

In Vegas, “over the top” is never enough, especially when it comes to this topless musical revue.

Ladies In Waiting: "Jubilee!" showgirls ready to hit the stage. Photo by Tomo Muscionico.

Ladies In Waiting: “Jubilee!” showgirls ready to hit the stage.

Bally’s recently gave a nod to its most iconic attraction by christening its newly remodeled suites and rooms the Jubilee Tower, and held a ribbon cutting on Wednesday. With 756 rooms, the revitalized accommodations feature a contemporary update on its furniture and fixtures.

Ballys JubileeTwr_Room7337

At the posh new Jubilee Tower rooms inside Bally’s, a polished look combines with its prime Strip corner views.

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3 Responses

  1. Jim Anderson

    Can you provide the dates in April that Bally’s Jubilee Show will begin and if reservations are required? I will be staying at the Hotel the first few days of April.

  2. Emma Trotter

    Hi there. The dates are unknown at this point because of the timing on how long the makeover will take with new set pieces, acts, etc. It’s likely the show will be back running at the time of your visit. Stay tuned for date announcements and ticket reservation info.

  3. I saw the new interpretation of Jubilee and thought it was well worth the wait. I was in Vegas on business for nearly 2 months and the show finally re-opened right before I left.

    The show is long. A two hour spectacle that will leave you well entertained. Here’s the good stuff without spoiling the fun if you plan to see the show. The opening scene is great. It starts of high and ends with the dancer on the stage, but the tone for the show is properly set for what what promises to be a poised and very sophisticated visual masterpiece. If you’ve never scene Jubilee, as I had not, you will be in awe of what happens next. Women after women of nothing but beautiful women begin to strut onto the stage and then the two balcony stages on either side of the theater. The accompanying music is timeless sophisticated R&B style with the right amount of base and boogie to let you know the “girls own the stage” and they are gonna have a good time performing as the classic Vegas show girl should. I was left smiling and just wanted to go stir crazy and clap all the time. I really enjoyed that particular “Own the Night” number.

    The show has many themes in which Jubilee represented by a single dancer goes through time to witness events, witness how things change, but stay the same… just like how Vegas changes, but Jubilee will live on strong. Hopefully you are not lost in the different themes as Jubilee travels through time. Other acts are present for behind the curtain setting changes and if you are a fan of Michael Jackson or Beyonce, you will notice some of their music. If you’re familiar with the final scene from the movie “The Wiz”, you won’t be disappointed. Also, if you are familiar with Alvin Ailey, you may notice the style of dance he was famous for.

    In all, the show is great. You will be entertained. Sometimes, the transitions don’t seem a natural fit and the audience may be guessing if that is it…should I clap now? With time, these things will all improve. Oh yes, there are top-less women in Jubilee. I’m not sure if this was the case before the show revamp, but many of the women now bare their beautiful breasts in a very tasteful and classy manner. They are beautiful, classy, and lady.

    Enjoy the show,