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Behind the Scenes at “Divas Las Vegas”

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We enjoyed the news segment below where Las Vegas reporters Dayna Roselli and cohort Dave McCann went behind the scenes of “Divas Las Vegas,” the female impersonator show at Imperial Palace.

It’s a rare glimpse into the world of the show’s star, Frank Marino, who also happens to be the Strip’s longest-running headliner.


Marino recently celebrated his 25th anniversary as a headliner. Yes, we were there. Read more.

“Divas Las Vegas” features a talented group of look-alikes taking on the personas of Britney Spears, Cher, Diana Ross, Beyonce, Madonna, Dolly Parton and others.

Britney Spears

From the video, it appears reporter Dave McCann is also coming to grips with what this blog refers to as the "Britney Spears issue."

Check your preconceptions at the door and catch Divas Las Vegas at Imperial Palace.

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