The Linq: Vegas Strip Gets an Infusion of Wow

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One thing’s for sure: The Las Vegas Strip will never be quite the same. Behold, “The Linq.”

The Linq

Sometimes, we wish we had more eyes.

Caesars Entertainment, the company whose blog this is (sort of), has released a ton of renderings and information about the massive development project that has the potential to invigorate the Center-Strip area like never before.

The Linq

Somebody needs to give this rendering artist a raise.

If your eyeballs are as aroused as this blog’s are, feel free to download this large version suitable for use as a computer wallpaper background thingy (1600×1200 .jpg). Is this blog always thinking about you, or what?

The $550 million project will feature new restaurants and bars (about 70% of the development), retail stores and entertainment venues (30%).

The Linq

That building to the left sits where O'Sheas currently sits.

Oh, dude on the lower left. You did NOT just whip out your mobile on a date!

The Linq

She's over you, man, you just don't know it yet.

The Linq project will be located across from the street from Caesars Palace (see below), and will run along the street between O’Sheas and Flamingo. Ultimately, and somewhat sadly, O’Sheas will be going away (although a similarly-themed area will be part of The Linq), and the Imperial Palace will be folded into the new project as well. Read more.


Where it's all going down. We grabbed this pic on the balcony of Pure nightclub.

The Linq will also feature the world’s largest observation wheel, The High Roller, at 550 feet tall. The wheel will have a capacity of 2,240 passengers per hour. Or, in engineer-speak, “196,000 pounds of people at any one time.” (We aren’t making this up.)

The wheel will have 28 cabins, with a capacity of 40 people each. A full trip on the wheel will take 30 minutes, and the price for a ride is expected to be $20 or less. The wheel will require 6.6 million pounds of steel to construct.

The Linq

Our friend and podcaster Michelle Dressen noted "The High Roller" was also the name of the coaster on the Strat. We hate being out-insidered.

Saddest news we can think of at the moment: There will not be gambling in the observation wheel’s cabins. Bum-mer.

Runners-up in the giant observation wheel race include the Singapore Flyer at 541 feet, the Star of Nanchang at 525 feet and the London Eye at 443 feet.


The big wheel rotates, and the cabins each rotate, too. Yay, Humankind!

Hey, hold on a second.

Lower left of the rendering.

Exactly what kind of district is being built here?

The Linq

On an unrelated note, prostitution is still illegal in Las Vegas. Ahem.

More details on how all this will impact existing hotels: On The Linq’s north side, a guest walk path will lead from the Carnaval Court outdoor plaza at Harrah’s Vegas through the Imperial Palace and to The Linq. A pedestrian connection will be built from The Linq into the Flamingo. The project will completely transform the facade, casino and reception area of Imperial Palace.

Yeah, we’re still trying to digest all this, too. Give it time.

The Linq

OK, OK, we're about rendered out.

The Linq project will break ground next month (Sep. 2011) and be completed in 2013.

So, what do you think? This blog loves it some newness, and this grand scale development project is sure to shake things up on the Strip. Honestly, we were skeptical about how all this would unfold. But today, we’re feeling kind of, dare we say it, excited!

Part gathering place, part The Grove (à la L.A.’s famed retail complex), part attraction, part entertainment district. And the money to pay for it is already available, so the skeptics who point to stalled projects on the Strip may just get schooled on this one.

Share your thoughts in the Comments section. Or just say them out loud to yourself if you prefer. We won’t judge.

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32 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Did you also notice that the woman in the black & white dress next to the hooker only has one leg.
    All kidding aside, I’m really looking forward to this project.

  2. Hi
    Very interesting post and phots. Would you mind if I posted this on my website I will of course set a link to your website to your original post page.
    Best regards

  3. Allan

    This is great! Projects like this is what keep people coming back even after they have been many times. I am excited to see it completed. It looks like it will go well with look of the City Center.

  4. Anonymous

    Agreed, Allan!

  5. Anonymous

    Feel free to post a link!

  6. Anonymous

    Agreed. It looks pretty great in the renderings.

  7. Anonymous

    Then you must love this blog!

  8. Anonymous

    Ha! Didn’t notice that. Apparently, one of the Linq retails outlets should be a pirate store.

  9. Anonymous

    Well, one was ANNOUNCED previously. But some things in Vegas are announced and never see the light of day. We’ll have to see!

  10. when they break ground on O’sheas, where will I go for my $3 frozen baileys and .25 cent Hangover slots!?!?!?!?!

  11. Anonymous

    You know Vegas has something for everyone. We’ll keep an eye on where those pop up next, though! Thanks for caring. This blog loves O’Sheas, too.

  12. Is there a date set for when O’Sheas will be closing?

  13. mike

    wow, wow, wow! Can’t wait to this All unfold, got to just vegas.

  14. O Sheas

    Hey everyone– Please join the Save O’ Sheas fan page on Face Book. Harrah’s ruins everything!! 

  15. Redlynnie1

    Wow, it is so obvious that the hotels are not losing money to be able to already have all the money.  This could be why there seem to be no big payouts anymore.  But, of course, I’ll be there to see it when it’s done.  Not going on that ferris wheel until I know it’s safe though.  I love ferris wheels though.

  16. Caulbrook

    No matter how much money they put into it, it is still going downhill fast.  It was great once.  Too bad.

  17. Anonymous

    Definitely exciting!

  18. Anonymous

    Well, they don’t ruin everything. They have a pretty awesome Las Vegas blog.

  19. Anonymous

    There are definitely tons of big payouts! (You can see a lot of them by following the various hotels on Twitter and Facebook.) It’s nice to see some of those casino profits going to a big Strip project, though. Yay, newness!

  20. Anonymous

    We’re thinking more along the lines of, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

  21. Tommy Judson

    Man, Vegas really is the greatest city in the world. And it’s like an addiction that you just have to keep to yourself, unless you know someone else with the addiction and when you get together you just talk Vegas for hours. I’m getting married there in October, stayin at the Flamingo and hopefully will have about 20 of my best friends with me to celebrate. Absolutely can’t wait to see how far they are on the construction for The Linq by then. And yea, Vegas was down for a little bit but their comeback is on its way. Although, I am not a fan of the “un-themed” hotel/casinos like Wynn, Encore and Aria. I hope they stop building those because the themed hotels are so much more lively. Cosmopolitan is actually pretty nice but I almost kind of saw it as a “really really rich people” themed hotel/casino. Haha.

  22. Jeremy Calton

     Harrah’s OWNS O’Sheas. So you want to save something that they ruined?

  23. Jeremy Calton

    Well, goodbye cheap O’Sheas food court.
    Or, goodbye ANYthing cheap in that area…hello, downtown!

    Vegas is a fun place and I love it, but “Sin City” isn’t really accurate anymore. You can do a lot weirder shit in New Orleans, or just about any 2nd world country. If this was Sin City, those cabins would have tinted windows and be private.

    P.S. 40 people in that cabin…? That’s like paying $20 to ride a full subway car.

  24. Anonymous

    We hear you, Jeremy. Downtown is still a great value, and there’s still a lot of value-driven stuff on the Strip. Might just have to explore a little more. This blog’s always looking to save a buck!

  25. Laurie

    Want to know what new tenants like retail shops, restaurants and shows will be coming to The Linq?

  26. Anonymous

    Quite a few have been announced, but yes!

  27. Anonymous

    Agreed, Aja. We like your enthusiasm.

  28. I’m super stoked!! Been staying at the IP for years. Is the hotel/rooms getting a remodel as well?

  29. Anonymous

    Not right away. It’s part of the big picture, though. No timeline for room renovations yet.

  30. Danny

    This thing is huge! The wheel is just over half way completed, and it’s as big as the surrounding hotels.

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