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“Expendables” Pecs Flex at Planet Hollywood

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Planet Hollywood was the center of the pectoral universe on Aug. 11 as the stars of the new action flick, “The Expendables,” took to the red carpet for photos, flexing and schmoozing. And more flexing.

Stallone Schwarzenegger

The film's director and star Sylvester Stallone arm wrestles with an unidentified man whose name we couldn't spell even if we tried.

The red carpet event was a who’s-who of action stars, including Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Steve Austin and Terry Crews.

Randy Couture

Ultimate Fighting Championship giant Randy Couture pokes some fun at his "cauliflower ear" in the film. Because nobody else has the guts to.

Other celebrities also made appearances at the Planet Hollywood event, including rapper Young MC and the ever-charming Holly Madison, star of Peepshow, also at Planet Hollywood. Hmm. Wonder which photo we’re going to post right now. Young MC or Holly Madison. Hmm.

Holly Madison

Holly Madison helps balance out all the testosterone on the red carpet.

The red carpet was followed by special screenings of “The Expendables” which opens today (Aug. 13) across the country.

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts plays the baddie in the film. In this photo, he's telling us not to reveal that little spoiler. We are a Las Vegas blog, not a good listener.

What other inside scoop do we have? Well, it should be noted that while Arnold Schwarzenegger (who makes a cameo in the film, and yes, we can spell it, thanks Interwebs) made a brief red carpet appearance, he wasn’t among the actors introduced onstage before the movie screening.

Sylvester Stallone

Also, Sylvester Stallone seems like a nice guy. Is that scoop?

Oh, and this blog played craps with this guy after the screening.

Tiny Lister

"Tiny Lister" isn't in "The Expendables," but has been in every other action movie ever made.

This blog’s review of the movie? Well, let’s just say stuff gets blown up. And guys get clipped. And Jet Li has a fight scene with Dolph Lundgren.

And Jason Statham stabs a basketball. Oh, wait, SPOILER ALERT. We probably should have said that first.

Jason Statham

The actor receiving the most swoons from the females in attendance? Jason Statham, easily.

Of course you’ll want to take a gander at our exclusive photo gallery. Or at least say you did.

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