Update: The Linq Moves Forward as Scheduled

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Every time we get an update about The Linq, we get a warm, tingling sensation in our extremities. We’re either excited about The Linq, or we have a circulatory issue. Let’s just assume it’s the former!

If you’re not familiar with The Linq project, catch up here. Basically, center-Strip is getting some work done.

The Linq

There you've got your "ooh," and there you've got your "ahh."

The next phase of The Linq will have an impact on roads, businesses and parking lots behind (to the east of) Imperial Palace and Flamingo Las Vegas, and starting Jan. 23, 2012, these street closures will take effect:

1. Ida Avenue, between Audrie and Koval, will be closed to all traffic.
2. Winnick Avenue, between Audrie and Koval, will be closed to all traffic.
3. Audrie Street will be closed north of Albert Avenue.

Yes, there will be a quiz.

The megaminds involved in making The Linq happen have provided us with a handy map of the various street closures.

The Linq closures

For illustrative purposes only. The Pulse of Vegas blog is not responsible for any eye injuries which occur while trying to read this.

Click here for a larger version of the map.

How will this effect your visit? Or even affect it, depending upon which one of those is appropriate? It probably won’t. What were you doing back there, anyway? Those roads are mostly for Caesars Entertainment employees going to work on the Strip.

Just know there are magical little elves ensuring The Linq is proceeding as planned. Elves with engineering degrees and backhoes and stuff.

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  1. It didn’t occur to me that these closures would be necessary. I assume part of it is where the “Observation Wheel” will be, and part is just the staging area necessary to get something this big done.

    And elves with engineering degrees and backhoes are the cutest kind.