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Frank Marino Feted for 25th Anniversary on the Strip

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On Sep. 30, Divas Las Vegas female impersonator Frank Marino got to bask in the glow of an outpouring of congratulations from fans, his “Divas” colleagues, and even Joan Rivers (whom Marino portrays onstage), as he celebrated his 25th year as an entertainer on the Las Vegas Strip.

Frank Marino

Dude looks like a lady. And he's awesome at it.

Marino’s original celebration, scheduled to be a roast headlined by comic Vinnie Favorito, was postponed after Marino experienced some unexpected medical problems recently. Frank Marino was back in fine form, though, and closed his Sep. 30 show with some warm words of appreciation for everyone who has helped make his 25 years of trailblazing performances a reality.

Frank Marino

Frank Marino and the cast of "Divas Las Vegas."

Comedian Joan Rivers pre-taped a special greeting (projected on a giant screen), just for the occasion, to the delight (and surprise) of the audience and Marino. Frank Marino took some tongue-in-cheek ribbing from the woman Marino’s made a profession of impersonating. And Marino shot a few barbs right back, of course.

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers joined in the fun via videotape. Or whatever people use now to do things like that.

Also of note: Sept. 23 marked Frank Marino’s 20,000th performance in Las Vegas. (And boy are those heels killing him!) It’s estimated more than 10 million people have seen Frank Marino in his various shows.

If you’ve never seen “Divas Las Vegas,” prepare yourself for a surreal, over-the-top extravaganza. Yep, all these lovely ladies are men. And as secure in its sexuality as this blog is, there was a moment where we considered proposing marriage to the impersonator who portrayed Britney Spears. We’d rather not discuss it, thanks.

Frank Marino

We're still kind of sorting through our feelings, thanks.

Marino does close to 20 costume changes during “Divas Las Vegas,” with each outfit more impressive than the last. Marino’s done more than 350,000 costume changes in the last 25 years. Mind-boggling!

The one-liners fly fast-and-furious during the fast-paced show, and Marino is obviously close to all the look-alikes in his cast. They lip sync to hits old and new, and channel the performers they emulate with uncanny accuracy.


What would a female impersonator show be without an appearance by Liza?

A high point for this blog, personally, was a show-stopping “reverse drag” segment set to Charles Aznavour’s heartbreaking song, “What Makes a Man a Man?” Not a dry eye in the house for that one.

Congratulations to Frank Marino for his 25 amazing years of entertaining Las Vegas.

Frank Marino cake

The next 25 years should be a piece of cake!

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