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It’s Sin City History Time: Vegas Vic

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Just about everyone on the planet recognizes Las Vegas’ famed cowboy, Vegas Vic. (Yes, he has a name!)

Vegas Vic

Vegas Vic prefers you call him a cowboy, not a cowpoke. We have no idea why.

The 40-foot, neon-adorned statue has greeted Vegas visitors since 1951. He can still be seen under the canopy at the Fremont Street Experience downtown, although Vic’s currently welcoming visitors to a souvenir shop. (The location was formerly a casino, the Pioneer Club.)

But here’s today’s “Did You Know?” Did you know Vic’s iconic sign was inspired by a popular ad campaign comissioned by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce? In the campaign, Vic wore a blue-checkered shirt, and he welcomed guests with the phrase, “Howdy, Podner!”

Vegas Vic postcard

Vegas Vic debuts on a postcard, circa 1948, whatever "circa" might mean.

Vic was so popular, a sign was commissioned, and the rest is history.

Here’s a bonus “Did You Know?” Did you know that the original sign featured the recording of a voice that announced “Howdy, Podner!” every 15 minutes? Now you know.

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