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Jeff Civillico: Comedy In Action Provides Tons Of Fun For Kids And Kids At Heart

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Back in the days when I was young…I’m not a kid anymore but some days, I sit and wish I was a kid again!

We all remember hip-hop artist Ahmad’s hit 1994 single, “Back in the Day.” We all wish we can be kids again. Who wouldn’t want that? Snow days. Summer vacations. No bills. No worries. And not to mention, all the energy in the world!

Well, we’ve got good news, folks: You can feel like a kid again and relive those childhood memories. Thank Jeff Civillico, Mr. Comedy in Action, for that. With his witty banter, zany behavior, childlike spirit and and over-the-top energy, you can’t help but leave here in a good mood.

Jeff Media Day

Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action is a ball full of fun, energy and good times. The show plays daily (except Tuesdays and Fridays) at 2 p.m. Starting Sept. 14, the show will play at 4 p.m.

Plus, how often do you really get to see a Las Vegas show of someone balancing a ladder on his head or juggling random objects like a 9-pound bowling ball, knife and an apple – all at the same time? There’s even a segment where you’ll feel like you’re in a nightclub (heeey!). And these are just a few awesome tidbits.

We must warn you: Exposure to this show will seriously bring out the kid in you. Get to know the funny man and see Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action at The Quad at 2 p.m., daily (dark Tuesday and Saturday). Beginning Saturday, Sept. 14, his Las Vegas show will start at 4 p.m.

Civillico headshot

What’s it like being one of the few family-friendly/afternoon shows on the Strip? I love it, it’s great. Some people take the whole family. There’s a lot of lines for the adults and innuendoes that the kids aren’t going to get. There’s enough visual for the kids. A lot of shows say they’re family-friendly, and they’re either geared toward the kids predominantly, or they’re just geared toward the adults. But I have a lot of families who come back and take their friends who don’t have kids because there’s something in it for them, too.

And you have all this energy! You just gotta do it!

You’ve been juggling for a long time. How did you work your way up to more daring objects? It’s all about entertaining people. I always play up the comedy. I just started building routines because people want to laugh. Juggling is the medium used to connect with the audience. I started doing more daring objects that would provide comedy and fun situations to bounce off of.

You’re really funny! Do you work on your comedy material ahead of time? (Laughs.) No, I don’t stand in front of the mirror and practice one-liners. My stuff is all situational – it’s all based on volunteers.

Yeah, you really smooth out awkward situations well. Awkward situations usually just set the stage for comedy. Comedy is based on tension. I do make a lot of it up as I go along and screw around for a while. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


Anyone need a ladder? Here, he’ll hand it to you.

Do you have any favorite entertainers? Who inspires you? I like Jim Carrey, Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld and Brian Regan.

We read that you hold a world record for bungee jumping on your unicycle off a cliff in New Zealand – that’s so cool! Do you plan on breaking other world records anytime soon? Anything in Vegas? I’m doing “Over the Edge” for Special Olympics – did it last year. I’m doing it on my unicycle this year. I would like to wheel down the side of the building.

Civillico Juggling_Hi-res

What do you like about having a Las Vegas show at The Quad? I got a chance to come in as an unknown to Vegas and snag an afternoon show, now I got it for the next two years. The showroom is amazing – it’s like a hidden gem in Las Vegas. If I had my pick for any showroom in town, I’d pick this one. Comedy requires the audience to be close. They’re all right here. It’s getting better every day here. It’s gonna be great. I really do love what I do.

For not being in Vegas that long, you’re doing really well. What’s the secret behind your success? I’m not the usually the type to get smashed and sleep in ‘til 4 and come over and do my show. So I’m kind of a dork, which helps. I’m used to waking up early and working.

You’re a really busy guy. What do you like to do when you’re not on the stage?  As soon as a new show opens, I like to check it out. There’s a list of people I still gotta see, like friends I’ve been out with and I haven’t seen their show. I love going to the gym, I love running, biking and Red Rock.

What about yoga? You do a lot of kicks in the show! (Laughs.) I actually don’t right now, but I have. I just dated girls who do yoga. I did the downward dog [in the show] and people laughed. I should put more of them in there, that’ll be fun.

What do you recommend for someone visiting Vegas for the first time? What are your expert tips? I’d say if it’s your first time in Vegas, you’re here to take it in, not plan everything because this is one of the only cities in the world where you can say, ‘I’m going to grab a giant fruity drink and walk around for hours.’ I wouldn’t plan more than half of your trip.

Anything else you want to share about the show? It’s a great way to switch it up, go have a break, cool down, have some laughs for a good price. It’s different every day, it’s not like a play [where] you sit and watch. We have crazy stuff happen.

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