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Las Vegas Blvd. Gets Its Scenic Byway Badge

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It took awhile, but hey, better late than never. Las Vegas Boulevard, from Washington Ave. to Sahara Ave., has been designated a National Scenic Byway.

In order for a roadway to be designated a “National Scenic Byway,” it has to qualify by having at least one of the following qualities: cultural, historic, natural features, archeological, scenic or recreational. We’ve pretty much got all of those!

Here’s the breakdown, the way we see it:

   * Cultural? Our buffets span just about every culture you can think of. Italian. Chinese. Japanese. Mexican. French. American. Endless, delicious cultural diversity!

   * Historic? Take note the Arc De Triomphe and mega-historic Montgolfier balloon at Paris Las Vegas, thanks.

Yes, that balloon.

Yes, that balloon.

   * Natural features? Yes, there are still some of those. Although, we have our fair share of silicone, too.

   * Archeological? Hello, Vegas has a pyramid!

   * Scenic? Don Arden’s Jubilee! at Bally’s. Chippendales at Rio Las Vegas. X Burlesque at Flamingo. Need we say more?

   * Recreational? Slam dunk!

Read more about this newly-bestowed honor.

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