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Mac King is On Fire at Harrah’s (Literally)

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During a recent visit to the Mac King Show at Harrah’s Las Vegas, we violated several no-photography policies and captured the magician’s near-death experience onstage.

Mac King fire

Just another day at the office/showroom.

As one point in his show, Mac King sets fire to several numbered envelopes on a small silver platter (see above).

Then, while the fire is still blazing, he puts the platter into his jacket pocket!

Mac King fire

Ah, the envigorating fragrance of singed human flesh.

While Mac King has done this particular move approximately 5,200 times, he must still get quite a thrill when stray flames nearly ignite his face and neck.

Mac King fire

In magic parlance, "Aieee!"

Actually, King was never in any real danger, but that doesn’t sound quite as exciting as “the magician’s near-death experience,” does it?

The great news is that Mac King has extended his contract at Harrah’s through 2015. The jovial jester of jocularity and legerdemain (yes, we’re trademarking that phrase as you read this) is currently celebrating his tenth year at Harrah’s.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has named Mac King’s show the “Best Bargain Show” for seven straight years (2003-2010).

Mac King

Yay, for five more years of invisibility! Sort of.

“The Mac King Comedy Magic Show” has been seen by more than a million people in more than 5,200 performances.  King takes the stage at 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Find out more about this crowd-pleasing, family-friendly show that’s sure to spark your imagination. (See what we did there?)

Read our illuminating story on the many faces of Mac King.

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