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The LINQ Hotel + Experience’s New Casino Brings All The Games To The Yard

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Who says it has to be all about gambling when you hit up a Las Vegas casino?

The LINQ Hotel + Experience is a real game changer. From old-school favorites to today’s popular picks, these beat your weekend marathons on the couch.

Not only can you play to your heart’s content, but you can enjoy other fun, futuristic surprises like interactive LED walls and much more.  Also, now you can play Elite Bonus Games daily at The LINQ.

The LINQ Hotel Casino

The new sportbook at The LINQ called The Book.

Not your average sportsbook. At The Book, you can relax surrounded by high tech games and plenty of TVs. Photo courtesy of Patrick Gray for Caesars Entertainment.


The LINQ’s transformation began last year with The Book, a modern take on the traditional race and sportsbook. Instead of rows of seating like a college lecture hall (zzzz), here you’ll find a relaxed lounge setting with a self-serve draft beer wall, food from Sticky Chicken food truck, beer pong, shuffleboard and more. If you’re renting a Fan Cave, split your screen between multiple games or take a break and hop on an Xbox or VR unit. Add in bottle service and mobile food delivery from Sticky Chicken for the ultimate gameday fun. How many sportsbooks you know have these great features?

Now open Rematch Vegas bar at The LINQ Hotel + Experience

People watching? More like fish watching! Enjoy a digital aquarium with your drink at RE:MATCH. Photo courtesy of Patrick Gray.

Re:Match Bar

The hotel also recently launched RE:MATCH bar, offering an interactive touch-screen bar top that surprises you with a variety of games from Sticky Chicken For President to aliens invading Las Vegas. Everyone at the bar can compete in the pop-up games and a lucky participant can win a free drink.

Re:Match and The Book are just the start of all the new features at The LINQ Casino. Here are just a few other reasons why we love the new and improved LINQ Hotel + Experience:

Mario Cart arcade at Rematch Vegas bar at The LINQ Hotel + Experience

“It’s ah-me! Mar-i-o!” Race your friends at The LINQ’s newest bar, Re:MATCH. Photo courtesy of Patrick Gray.

The Nostalgia Of Old-school Games

There are a select few (this blogger included) who miss the simplicity of old-school consoles. Take the 8-bit Nintendo, for instance. Anyone can master a game if it only has A and B and up / down / left / right buttons. Playing at the arcades was definitely another favorite pastime. It’s what we lived for every weekend and after school. At The LINQ, you can relive part of your childhood with favorite games like Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat and even the world’s largest Pac-Man. Sounds like you know where we’ll be most of the day.


LED art wall experience at The LINQ Hotel + Experience

Art that moves you as well as moves with you – that’s what we’re talking about. Photo courtesy of Patrick Gray.

Other Fun Ways To Play 

So you’re not a gamer — no worries. There are other ways to tap into fun at The LINQ’s newly revamped casino area. For instance, when was the last time (if any time) art moved with you? 

If you’re walking into The LINQ from the Strip and notice that the LED art is following you… you’re right! You’ll even see people dancing to see the light follow their slick moves. (Speaking from personal experience, it does get addicting.)

Designed by artist and developer Refik Anodol, he combined art with technology creating a digital masterpiece you won’t catch back home. If anything gets you moving out of your comfort zone, it would be this LED entrance.

But speaking of dancing…

Daily live music at The LINQ Hotel + Experience

That’s my jam: Groove to all your favorites at The LINQ’s energetic live music show. Photo courtesy of Patrick Gray.

Everybody Dance Now (At The Extreme Live Show) 

Take a shot of liquid courage if you need to (or simply absorb the Vegas excitement around you). It’s time to dance at the Extreme Live Show, The LINQ’s daily live music show. We’ll be the first to tell you this isn’t your average casino lounge act. Not only do you hear your favorite party songs live, but the music video of that song is playing right behind the band.

This blogger raced across the casino as soon as she heard Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It.” What’s cool is the singers are not shy to jump off the stage to interact with you. You better be ready to sing!

If you’re more of the dancing-in-your-head type, you can still enjoy live music at the electronic games and tables area. Play electronic craps, blackjack, baccarat and roulette while listening to a live DJ spin energetic tunes.

You may think you’re not a dancer, but we’re sure there’s one way that’ll get you moving: Wherever you’re playing slots in the casino, if you win big, one of the LED screens on the ceiling will make it rain with electronic dollar bills. And what song is more fitting to play throughout the casino than The O’Jay’s “For The Love Of Money?” (Money, money, money… mon-ey!)

Share All The Pics On The ‘Gram

T-Rex statue located near the Jurassic Park slot machines at The LINQ Hotel + Experience

Careful – he may bite! Get up close and personal with your favorite T-Rex. Photo courtesy of Patrick Gray.

So a dinosaur walks into a casino…

One of the other new elements we love about The LINQ: You’re strolling through the casino and BOOM – out of the blue see a giant T-Rex on display by the themed Jurassic Park slot machines. Just across the way, you’ll find Ghostbuster’s Slimer on display with its themed slots. There’s just so much to see and do here, you need to make time in your day to experience it all.

The LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas features new restaurants, shopping and things to do

The LINQ Promenade. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Linq Promenade

The LINQ Hotel + Experience got a major revamp in its casino, but The LINQ Promenade also has some new spots you need to check out:

  • Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club: Kimmel personally works with the club’s general manager to book talent for the room. This list of up-and-coming comedians will have you laughing ’til your face hurts. The dual-level 8,000-square-foot comedy venue also has a bar and lounge area, inspired by Kimmel’s own living room.
  • Maxie’s: If you’re all about cotton candy-topped pancakes, Oreo cookie waffles or a variety of sandwiches, then stop by this newly-opened American diner.
  • Nectar Bath Treats: These bath treats look so pretty, you’ll be tempted to eat them. While they aren’t edible, they are made with vegan-friendly ingredients and smell divine. Plus, who doesn’t want to smell like a Coconut Dream or Fruit Smoothie?
  • ICEBAR: I said, BRR! It’s cold in here! There must be a minus5 in the at-mo-sphere! Sorry. We had to go “Bring It On” to showcase our excitement. Get ready to cheers and chill at this popular bar at The LINQ Promenade.

Catch even more fun at The LINQ and LINQ Promenade.

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