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Last updated: September 9, 2009 at 12:50 pm. Posted by in O'Sheas. Comments Off on Ask the Bartender.

When we stopped by O’Sheas recently, we met Ken, a Certified Beverage Facilitator (not a real title).

Ken, were just going to say it. Youre the man.

Ken, we're just going to say it. You're the man.

We asked Ken one of our always-probing questions, “So, uh, what deals you got going on?”

The good news? O’Sheas is all about value, so its cup runneth over with drink specials. First up, a $4 apple martini. On the Strip. Four bucks. And it would be hard to beat the $2 Miller Lites. Two. Measley. Bucks.

Thanks, Ken. We’ll be back.

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