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Bambu Snags Liger Lady Gig at O’Sheas

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Awhile back, this Las Vegas blog may or may not (yay, libation!) have announced that magician Dirk Arthur, the new headliner at O’Sheas, was holding auditions for a “Liger Lady” to do public appearances on behalf of his show. (Arthur has a “liger,” a cross between a lion and a tiger, in his show, along with other big cats.)

This weekend, we met the winner of the coveted Liger Lady gig. A familiar face to the devoted denizens of O’Sheas.


Dirk Arthur's new liger lady, Bambu.

The Amazonian “Bambu” (we’re 71% sure that’s just her stage name) is a former cast member of “Freaks,” which formerly called O’Sheas home.

Bambu was working the crowd outside O’Sheas this weekend, distributing flyers with the tagline, “So close they can smell your fear!” In fact, the big cats in Dirk Arthur’s show are a mere 10 feet from audience members. Although the first row is kept empty from what we could see, so that should provide an ample safety zone. Ahem.

Any other inside scoop, Bambu? For every two tickets purchased, audience members get to take home a plush tiger (the fluffy little bugger in Bambu’s right hand, in case you were distracted).

With tickets at a mere $22.95 a pop, this has got to be one of the better magic show deals in town. Find out more.

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