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Lucky the Leprechaun Deserves His Own Meme

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This is it. The last hurrah for O’Sheas. The bawdy, boisterous casino closes at noon April 30, 2012.

In honor of O’Sheas closing, this blog thinks its mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun, deserves his own meme.

We’ll get things started.


We’re just floating an idea here.

Here’s the original version of the photo in case you’d like to muck with it. Not sure what a meme is? Immediately exit your cave and read this.

Yes, we know this isn’t how memes start. We don’t care. Just have some fun and play along.

Lucky meme


To help with your meme image, visit Choose “Make a Meme,” then “Upload New Meme.” Upload the photo of Lucky, then just add the funny. Post it somewhere (on Facebook, Twitter, wherever) and let us know where it is so we can check it out.

Lucky meme

The longer you wait to join this meme, the more dumb jokes this blog’s going to make.

Show Lucky some love!

Bust out your Impact font and do your worst (or best). Keep it clean! Oh, wait, it’s O’Sheas. Nevermind. Do whatever you want.

Share a link to your altered photo in the Comments section and if you make the cut, we’ll share your work with the world. It’ll be like fame, just without the groupies.

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