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Oh, Things Can Get Freaky at O’Sheas

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We’re adding this to our select list of free Las Vegas shows: It’s the “Rock and Roll Gameshow” at O’Sheas. And it’s not just because we know these guys. Probably.

The irrepressible (hello, diplomatic word choice!) Matt Phillips and singer-songwriter Steve Brooks whip the O’Sheas crowd into a frenzy each Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., in that stage area next to the bar area thingy. You know the one. Just follow the sounds of singing and laughing.

Rock and Roll Gameshow

The reaction to our request, "Just act naturally!" Sigh.

Phillips does the comedic heavy-lifting in this unique, interactive show. He inspires audience members to join in the fun, doling out improvised song lyrics and the occasional prize (see below).

Rock and Roll Gameshow

Told you it gets freaky! Thanks for letting us use the photo, buff tourist dude.

His partner in frivolity, Steve Brooks, is a virtual jukebox of cover tunes it’s hard to resist singing along to. And this blog doesn’t sing. Trust us, it’s for the best.

The show throws in a solid dose of music trivia and “Name That Tune”-style pop-quizzes, and what Phillips calls “Lazy-oke,” or karaoke from your chair.


A mother-daughter duo from Wedontremember take part in the interactive portion of the show. Yes, voluntarily.

When we stopped in, there was a tattoo contest, too. So, bring your ink, or get a new tat at the nearby Vince Neil Ink shop.

“Rock and Roll Gameshow” is a fun, sassy diversion center-Strip. And did we mention how free it is?

Steve Brooks

Steve Brooks is very popular with the ladies. Yes, even the sober ones.

Find the guys on Twitter and the Facebooks, and check out all the other entertainment offerings at O’Sheas, including the Viper Vixens and magician Dirk Arthur.

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