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Sneak Peek at the Snake-Filled Deathtrap

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“Snake-filled deathtrap” might be a wee dramatic, but it’s not being overly-dramatic to say that everyone’s talking about the upcoming death-defying stunt at O’Sheas.

Donald Schultz, host of Animal Planet’s “Wild Recon,” fully sober and presumably in his right mind, will spend 10 days and nights in a glass box with 100 snakes, Jan. 17-26.

Here’s an exclusive first-look at the glass enclosure Schultz and 100 of his new best friends will be calling home outside O’Sheas on the Las Vegas Strip.

osheas snakes

Yes, we mucked with the picture. We think it looks cool.

While checking out the still-under-construction glass Room of Doom ™, we caught a producer of the show overseeing the finishing touches. Off the record, this spectacle is likely to include appearances by a variety of personalities, many of whom may actually join Schultz in the box with the snakes.

The schedule of appearances hasn’t been finalized, but we hear it’s a possibility that two well-known Rio Las Vegas magicians, with names that rhyme with Schmenn and Schmeller, are likely to risk punctures and swelling to be a part of the event. A Paris Las Vegas hypnotist, whose names rhymes with Schmools, may hypnotize someone with a fear of snakes to help them enter the enclosure, too. Nothing confirmed yet.

Stay tuned for more!

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