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The Novelty Vegas License Plate Dilemma

Last updated: September 14, 2010 at 11:53 am. Posted by in Las Vegas Casinos, O'Sheas, Shopping. Comments Off on The Novelty Vegas License Plate Dilemma.

So, we’re roaming O’Sheas the other night, and we wander into its lively “Vegas On the Edge” store and spot some of these awesome Centennial novelty license plate thingys.

Sin City license plate

Usually, we're not fans of things in all caps, but it works here.

Yes, the celebration of Vegas’ Centennial happened in 2005, but listen, fun has no expiration date. See the official site.

So, we love us some Vegas, and for a mere $9.99, we’re loving us some novelty license plates. Then we ask the vendor stocking the license plate display thingy, “Can this blog put its new license plate on the front of its vehicle in Nevada?” “Sure,” we were assured.

You’ll never guess which plate we purchased, by the way.

craps license plate

OK, yeah, maybe you can guess.

So, we’re about to install our new license plate, when we think, “Uh, maybe we should ask the Internets if this is OK.” Come to find out, the “sure” answer might not have been quite, uh, anything like being even remotely accurate!

According to our extensive investigative journalism (five minutes on the Web), one can’t actually affix a novelty plate to one’s car front in Nevada. Deep sigh. Rules vary by state, so make sure you find out the laws for your state before you start blaming Las Vegas for being pulled over and given a body cavity search.

Currently, 31 states (and the District of Columbia) require two license plates (the real kind). Bum. Mer. Here’s a handy list to see if the two-plate rule applies to your state.


It's a poker thing! Talk about a one-track mind.

Hey, we’ll have nearly as much fun looking at our new license plate on the wall of our garage. Nearly.

What Vegas souvenir do you cherish? Any you regret? Share in the Comments section.

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